Am I the only one who has just recently learned about Sheol?

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How you ask them is. There wasn't much of another way to interpret your question.

idk who you are but i think you're overreacting?? it's really hard to go through the entire bible and just pick out the word sheol if it really does exist in there. the bible is like five novels' worth of words, it's not that easy. and asking questions isn't hostile but the way you worded it and your tone is pretty hostile idk i'd maybe try to calm down a little?

also i googled sheol and while some bible verses are popping up they're not saying which translations so idk how seriously to take it

Mm hm?

nO fights
Both of you need to chill! Or do I need to break out the Bible verses about loving thy neighbor?

You can do whatever you feel like doing. I was not expecting hostility.

Well, you cant change other peoples behavior; you can only improve upon your own.


Problem solved!


this... feels awkward.. i'm gonna go


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