If I get to voice act in a Codebearers movie, I´d like to be Hunter/Venator.  What about y'all?

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Wouldn't it be a live action thing? Either way, I'd also go with H/V, if only to play Venator. Cause Venator is the only good kid character in the book.
I'd think the movies would be CG, just like the books.
I guess animated would be the better choice. Costs less.
Yeah, but live action would attract a larger audience.
i think so, too....i personally think it would be better to do the live action movie.............

It would make a better movie if it was live

I would want live stuff. How dorky do you think Narnia would look CG?

is animated really cheaper???

I'd kind of like to be Hunter. If not I'll go for Stubbs.
If it were animated I think I might be able to do Hope/Trista, if it were live action then I'd only be able to do Trista. (Since I don't look remotely like Hope)

i'm just the opposite.................i probably would be able to do the voices of them both, but i couldn't do trista @ all..............I could only do hope........................i DO look alot like hope, though


Maybe Gabby.


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