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We go by a three warning policy. If you receive three warnings, you will be temporality banned for three days. If you receive three more warnings after coming back, you will be banned for yet another three days.

  1. Normal Codebearers rules apply.
  2. NO SPOILERS IN THE MAIN FEED! If you would like a spoiler thread, let an admin know via profile comment know and he will make the proper arrangements.
  3. No religious based comic book material allowed. If this was a religious group, it would be allowed but it’s not. This is a comic book group.
  4. No bashing the appearance of an actor or actress. They choose to look as the do (this does not apply to how they look as a character). This will result in a warning.
  5. No religious debates. Come on, guys. We're talking about superheroes here.
  6. No political talk unless in context of a comic book, show, or movie. It's simple not needed.
  7. Do not be extremely random. A few off-topic posts are fine but too many will result in a warning.
  8. No bashing the opinions of others. If you don’t like something, fine. Discuss it civilly. If there is no civil discussion, both parties will receive a warning if things get out of hand.
  9. Do not egg someone on. We do not like to have issues in this group even through a few still rise.
  10. VidAngel is banned from the group unless discussion is started by an admin. When the person who brought it up requests VidAngel not to be discussed any longer, stop immediately unless given permission to give a final statement on the matter.

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