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Comment by Zhadow 7 hours ago

Saying "aformentioned" doesn't make your argument any better especially when it isn't spelled correctly.

You're going off an tangent that has nothing to do with the original discussion. Inception is a movie. The characters of Batman, WW, Avengers, TMNT, etc. are comic characters. Inception's characters are, since it's a movie, movie characters. It's honestly that simple.

Comment by The Lyrical Assassin 8 hours ago

That simply isnt true. Case and point? Google any of the aformentioned franchises. First thing to pop up? Movies. This is a simple yet affective way to see what format something is viewed as by the majority.

Comment by Zhadow 9 hours ago

It is exactly the same point I made before. It's not that difficult to grasp. Inception is not from comic book origin hence it's viewed as an original film with promotional tie-in material that happens to be a comic. Batman, WW, Avengers, TMNT, etc. are first and foremost comic properties. Just because they have movies does not mean they are viewed as movies. They are viewed as comic properties that have spawned movies.

Comment by The Lyrical Assassin 10 hours ago

But thats not the point you made before. You said it was 'viewed as a movie'. These franchises all have comic origins, but are still viewed as movies. :/

Comment by Zhadow 10 hours ago

You miss the point lol. Inception is a movie that happens to have a comic prequel. That make that comic a promotional tie-in to the film. Batman, Avengers, and Wonder Woman have movies based off comic properties. That is the difference. Power Rangers is a television property but has original comics. TMNT started as a comic but has spawned shows and movies.

Comment by The Lyrical Assassin 10 hours ago

Oh so true. If I say I like Batman, 95 percent of the time I would get asked which movie version I like best. The has never been a conversation in this group about Wonder Woman comics, but plenty of talk about the film. Same with Power Rangers AND the Avengers.

Comment by Zhadow 15 hours ago

Not even remotely true.

Comment by The Lyrical Assassin 15 hours ago

So is The Avengers. And Batman. And Power Rangers. And Wonder Woman. *cough*

Comment by Zhadow 17 hours ago


Though there is A comic, Inception is still viewed as a movie.

Comment by The Lyrical Assassin 17 hours ago

Aaaaaaaaaaand I already did. This is a group for comic book fans, no? I am excersizing my free will within the rules and boundaries of the group! Cute Arthur/Ariadne fanart for all! ;D


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