Hey All!

This is where you can come to discuss what you liked, weren't a fan of, and hated in this RPG! Just remember, there's a real person behind all the writing, so please be kind, ok?

Also, let me know what you'd like to see happen in part two!!


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hate that we on hiatus. :)

this was a really cool roleplay. sorry so many dropped out.

it had good pacing and great characters.

Aw, thanks. 

Yeah, I think I'll feel a little more inspired after a break, as will everyone else. 

Um you know that this is open to the public, not just the group right?
The public can see it, but not post on it.

I loved how we pretty much had no clue what was going on until it was explained to us. XD Made it so exciting! 

I was a little disappointed that I had to leave off my character like that though. :P 

I think that the players should have interacted with each other more. That way this RPG wouldn't have died down so fast. :) 


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