All Profiles Must Be Submitted By March 23

Character Rules:

.Your characters don't all have to be normal everyday people. In fact, it would work better if they weren't normal. Still keep them within the bounds of reality though. 

. Your characters cannot be invincible

. Your characters cannot be almost invincible either 

. One character per person

. Please make your character with faults and strengths

. Make sure to know your character really well before we start. Know what makes them want to live, what their interests are, family life, friends, etc. You only have to post a snapshot of your character, but you should know much more about them than what is in their profile.

. No magical beings please, just humans

Ok, Here are the character cards:

Name: (first and last)


Age: (any age will do...)

Description: (Pic or words, let me know if you need help finding a pic)

Bio: (background info on your character)

Personality: (Can be brief, just make sure you know who your character is)

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this okay?

Name: Raven Zinthos

Gender: female

Age: 18


Bio: She's always been fascinated by stories of the unnatural and the unusual. Her parents adored her love a learning because of her wonderful grades. however, the reason she worked so hard was because she was interested in learning how such "unnatural" things -at least for her- worked. She always has her netbook with her to read and play her music-techno mostly. 

Personality: Slightly scatterbrained, smart, little impatient when others can't keep up, friendly, outgoing. 

Besides a few typos here and there () it looks good! I already have ideas of where she'll fit into the plot...

do you want me to fix those typos?

glad you like. 

If you don't mind...

So can I be a boy?

Hm...*thinks* sure, why not.
Will this work?
Name: Ying Thomas
Gender: Female

Age: 19


Bio: Ying's father, Luke Thomas, is an ex-Force Recon Marine. Her mother, Mei Hua is the daughter of two first generation Chinese immigrants. Mei's father, Ji Hua, did not approve of her marriage to a man who wasn't chinese, and was even more disappointed when her first and only child was a girl. Despite her grandfather's wish for a male grandchild, he grew to adore Ying. A strange competition developed between Ying's grandfather and her father over Ying. Luke taught her much about survival and military tactics, while her grandfather taught her all about the four forms of Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi, Shaolin, Kung Fu, and Ba Gua, as well as Chinese philosophy regarding universal balance and nature. Despite Mei's efforts to help her daughter grow into a gentle young lady, Luke and Ji's constant training and tests turned Ying into a hardened warrior. She favored her grandfather's unarmed combat techniques, but was also quite adept with most weapons that her father trained her in.

Personality: Independent, a loner. Very standoff-ish and aloof. Anti-social. Distrustful. Respects things like physical strength and prowess, and intelligence. If you can't earn her respect, she'll just ignore you, if possible.

Very cool, looks like you put a lot of thought into it

She'll work very well, thanks for joining!

Oh, and don't forget to come up with a reason for her going from NY to England. That's where the plane is going. 

Post-high school Europe trip.

Forgot to add: Ying is bilingual, speaking both English and Chinese fluently.

I thought of him, couldn't resist him, so I made him.

Name:  Helbrig Irving

Gender:  Male

Age: 17

Description:  He’s extremely pale, something very evident because of the black clothes that he always wears.  He likes jeans and T-shirts with the Joker on them and the quote “Why so serious?”.  His hair goes to his shoulders and is black with a few streaks of red.  His emerald green eyes stand out in stark contrast with his hair and white face and he stands at about six foot.

Bio:  Rich kid.  His parents have millions.  Helbrig, however, does not like that stereotype, which motivated his rebellion, consisting of dressing in casual black no matter what the occasion, wearing his hair long, and focusing all his study on computers and technology instead of the family business.  He could no doubt work the business perfectly fine, just not legitimately.  He is bitingly sarcastic to anyone and everyone at all times, so he has no friends and his parents aren’t overly fond of him either.  

Personality:  Sarcastic

(Just fyi, he’s on this flight as another part of his rebellion in not using the family jet)

Oh, did I mention he's invisible?

Invisible or invincible?  Oh! I get it! The word invisible is like not visible. That word finally makes sense! Wow, now I feel like an idiot...

Looks good, as long as you know more about his personality than just "sarcastic". 

Glad you decided to join.


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