All Profiles Must Be Submitted By March 23

Character Rules:

.Your characters don't all have to be normal everyday people. In fact, it would work better if they weren't normal. Still keep them within the bounds of reality though. 

. Your characters cannot be invincible

. Your characters cannot be almost invincible either 

. One character per person

. Please make your character with faults and strengths

. Make sure to know your character really well before we start. Know what makes them want to live, what their interests are, family life, friends, etc. You only have to post a snapshot of your character, but you should know much more about them than what is in their profile.

. No magical beings please, just humans

Ok, Here are the character cards:

Name: (first and last)


Age: (any age will do...)

Description: (Pic or words, let me know if you need help finding a pic)

Bio: (background info on your character)

Personality: (Can be brief, just make sure you know who your character is)

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How did I know you were going to pick that one? XP

Did you just copy and paste exactly what I said about her? XD

Um... yep. This was the last thing I posted last night and I was tres brain dead. 

Haha XD

First RPG. Let me know what I did wrong. ;P

Name: Lisa Smend 

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Bio: Lisa was born in Saskatoon. She was an only child, and grew up very " Normal". At the age of five, her parents attended a car stereo competition. In this competition, people bring their cars with really loud stereos systems would come out, and show them off. The winner gets a cash prize, so many of the competitors have this as their jobs. They would make their own car modifications to get them as loud as possible. Being so young, the cars had a different affect on Lisa than the adults. She actually lost her hearing that day. Lisa was sent to a school for the deaf, but this made her feel so abnormal. Her parents let her home school. Her lessons included reading lips, and speaking. Soon her parents felt comfortable with letting her go to a regular school. She was able to understand and speak to everyone. Unless they turned their backs. As Lisa grew older, she got embarrassed with her incident, and without her parents knowing, she kept her being deaf a secret. Soon new teachers came to her school, and new principles. No one knew her weakness. Or so she though. Turns out, they had a file on her. She thought the teachers didn't know. Their were a few students that were at that school as longs as Lisa. Eventually, it leaked. Everyone knew. Soon someone asked her if she was actually deaf. Lisa realized everyone knew. She was humiliated. She decided to quit that school, and go back to a school for the deaf in England. 

Personality: Kind, shy, pushover 

Other: Is really into makeup, and would like to become a makeup artist someday. 

Btw, she is going to England because she has relatives there. 

Lol, that's exactly what I was gonna ask about 

Once you read the rules, you may post. 


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