Off Topic Content Here, Please. Bold Rules Means They're New.

My rules will work on the 3 strike system, break a rule 3 times, you're out. And that's any rule, not the same rule 3 times. 

.Please read every in game post before posting your own. 

.You must have fun. The point of this game is to have fun and practice your creative writing skills. If, for any reason, you aren't having fun playing, please let me know why and the reason. 

. You must read this,thisthis aaaaaand this before playing, if you haven't already. 

. Cursing will not be tolerated. The occasional "he cursed under his breath" is ok, but NO REAL CURSING AND NO "blank"s!!! We all know what your saying when you use "blank"s anyway.

. No "adult content"

. No gruesome violence. There will be guns, there will be crazy robotic animals that try to rip you apart, but let's keep it to a light PG-13 or a heavy PG at worst. 

. Please try to check the game everyday if you can. If you don't post when you should for 2 days you will get a strike. I know that some people are not allowed on the computer at certain times, and that's ok. But if you can only get online twice a week, this game probably isn't for you.  If you must go away for a prolonged period of time, please let me know. You're allowed to take vacations, but if you know you'll be gone to South Africa for 6 weeks in April, you probably shouldn't join.

. My word is final. THAT SAID, I will try to be completely fair, unbiased and realistic in my judgement.

. Please only post off-topic content here. If you would like to make everyone aware of your OT comment, in front of your post you can put one of these "*" or one of these "*@examplename" if it's for a specific person.

. You can't control any character but your own, unless you are given specific permission from the other person. That counts for fight scenes too. You can only decide what your character does and how they react, not what the other characters do or react. 

. Remember, RPGs need to have every character equally involved to work. Please do not go off on a 314 page conversation with one other person. And try to interact with all the characters, not just your friend's characters

. This RPG takes place in the modern world, so no magic. Although there will be incredibly-advanced-technology-unknown-to-most-of-the-world involved. Keep it realistic.

. As Kademee would say: "Lame writing and bad grammar will not be tolerated..." I couldn't have said it better myself. 

That's all I can think of right now...

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So off topic here?

Yuppers. I'm going to try to keep the game thread for only in game posts. 

Ok. So i know this is weird and I don't know if I'll do this for sure, but can I be a boy in the RPG? 

Hhhhhhhmmmm... I'll have to think about it...

k, i tend to like writing boys better. My girls always suck XP I will try making a girl though

Spelling Nazi: "In your fourth sentence, you used the wrong "brake". You should have used 'break'."

Me: "Sorry. Fraline English Teacher escaped."

Spelling Nazi: "It's spelled Fräulein!"

Me: "I don't care! My sister's the German expert!


Wow, now I feel like nghome.

lol. The funny part is, I caught that but I was too lazy to change it.

It's not?

It's not?

Oh yeah... "Pull a bazooka out of your back pocket". But that wasn't really an RPG... it was more of a failed revenge...

so technically this is your first real RPG


I'm all excited now!


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