Blocking- don't do it!

Ok, blocking. Well, in imrov acting there is this thing called blocking which I think really applies to RPGs as well. I will give you an example.

Person 1: "Did you hear that noise?! Let's go check it out!"

Person 2: "No."

Ok, that's an example of some one blocking the other. Let me explain. In improv there can be 2 or more actors on the stage. In order to make it interesting, they have to have some kind of storyline going. Now if both actors have there own ideas going into it of what the story should be and won't go along with the other person's plans, the performance looks sorta like this:

Person 1: Hi sir, how are you today?

Person 2: I'm drowning, I'm drowning! Help!! 

Person 1: No you're not, you're flying.

Person 2: No I'm not! Hey, want to go over there?

Person 1: No, we should go over their.

Audience: Booooooooo! *throws tomatoes* 

See what I mean? If both people refuse to give in  it makes for a rather boring play for the audience and really frustrating for the actors. The same goes with RPGs. If you have a certain idea or storyline going in that you don't want to change, the RPG isn't going to work out that well for you. Chances are that if some one else suggests a plot turn or interaction in one of their posts that the person who has a set plan isn't going to go along with it. Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't know how your character reacts or that you should go along with everything. Rather, I'm just putting it out there that the RPG will go much more smooth if everyone is willing to give in every once in a while, especially in this RPG. In some RPGs with less experienced players it would be very hard to not block. People might suggest ideas or plot turns that make no logical sense. But in an RPG like this with experienced and talented players, sometime it is best to work together as a team in developing the story as apposed to going against any plans that you weren't expecting. 



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Comment by Kademee on April 24, 2012 at 11:10pm

*laughs as reading this*

Wow that's almost in my exact words and everything XP

'Bout time you put it up!

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