What do you watch on Disney Channel?  I watch Good Luck Charlie, Phinious Phinus  well however u spell it, and Ferb, Sonny with a Chance, (now So Random,) and if there's anything else I don't remember right now...............

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u said it!
yup. how about Shake it Up?
it's ify

i agree. i don't watch it anymroe

I watch Phineas and Ferb

            Good Luck Charlie (such a good show)

            iCarly (Spencer is soooooooo hilarious)

            Shake it up


            Wizards of Waverly Place

            I used to watch The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but not anymore since they had to make the stupid new ones (Suite Life on Deck)

            My friend sometimes watches That's So Raven, but I think the story is soooooooooooo lame................sorry to people who don't.......its just my opinion.........................

There's probably a bunch more, but those are the only ones i can think of right now.


(note: the only reason my dad watches icarly is because of Spencer. (and kind of gibby.))

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I like My babysitter's a Vampire. Its great

I am not allowed to watch Disney channel but I've also never really wanted to.

I also don't know what either of those are. sorry Ariel  I think I'm a lost cause. I also didn't know who batman was until recently or Superman or Captain America but I do know who bible man is and word girl!


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