Chronicles of a Watcher(or also known as "the Day to Day adventures of a Codebearer Moderator")

The next month is to be riddled with tests of strength and power to see if I will advance to the higher coven of the Elect. A royal ball at the academy aproaches. Will I get to dance with the prince? Only time will tell.



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i figured it out with out reading the (), i think that tells me i read to much

Or, i'm just a genius

lol if you can, then i don't need the (). i'll edit that out.
well just cause i can doesn't mean everybody else can, but it's up to you
A most notorious evil attacked the villages yesterday, leaving devistating reminders. Thankfully though it came close to where one of the town's guardians(or should i say the town's only guardian) resides, he was unharmed. Repairs are being made at this time.
The evil overlords of the academy are witholding the very components of an important device.



teachers hadn't released my project so my partner and i could try to up our grade.
oh, ok
Magic is in the air as this learning time period comes to a close. dancing under starlight. new adventures are ahead. just wish someone would explain how one can do logical spells without a guidebook.
*little dance* one more test of courage to go. then a small break before i enter the next stage of training.
going to face the higher guardians of the academy. If i survive the tasks they press upon me, I shall enter into higher powers. If not, I'm dead.
so, if you don't pass this test, you're gonna be expeled?


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