Chronicles of a Watcher(or also known as "the Day to Day adventures of a Codebearer Moderator")

The next month is to be riddled with tests of strength and power to see if I will advance to the higher coven of the Elect. A royal ball at the academy aproaches. Will I get to dance with the prince? Only time will tell.



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my advisor said it was only a formailty.

if that is so, why did those guys hate me when i said i was homeschooled? said i needed to interact with more kids.

They know not that I am Codebearer Guardian. I interact with kids all the time!

eh, now to enjoy two weeks without having to practice slaying dragons.



New round of challenges at the academy. Hope to survive.
One week till new challenges await.
Went to a meeting of the Christian forces. Good to see so many preparing for the evil that lies ahead. Battles are on the rise, and heroes will be needed now more than ever. If only a certain hero would see what he is.


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