So, I know that a lot of people like LOTR, but I just got FOTR and wondering what you're opionion is on it.

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I liked it. Better than two towers for sure.
I prefered ROTK myself. they all good though
FOTR and ROTK were my favorite!
ROTK is the best. TT comes 2....hohoho, and FOTR last. It was ok, I just like the last book the best so naturally I would like the movie too. They didn't put in the end with the Hobbits though.
Hm. Sounds like it's controversial. I guess sence there isn't a ton of dislikes of FOTR, I still read it =D

I just made a LOTR rpg!!
It should be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still reading the Hobbit. I wasn't getting into it at first and then I watched the LOTR movies and I started to really enjoy it. I can't wait till it's movie comes out in 2012!

loved the whole thing!! i thing and believe that it has allot that goes with the bible (messages) like Strider he was a true king but he was scared and you could c it in him anyway though!! well i could say allot more but i'll let you c it all 4 yr self!! "D


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