hey pepz, just now started this, so yeah

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So today we went out to gather provisiouns(shopping), i usually hate the biweekly process, but if i get to go with my elder sibling, we make it fun, we went to a very techno store, where we bought a game for older brother, we then proceeded to go next door to a provision provider, called Wal-mart (evil music) we like to make things interesting so we then proceded to go and set the alarm clocks at five minute intervels this was fun, we had to go home after that but we didn't get kicked out ,  when we got home we carried everything in and went to rest, the day had been a very big acomplishment



at Fight school we were practicing our falls and Master wanted to show us all something i was his victem, he started out doing this freaky spin thing  while he was holding my wrist, and when he took me down, i went up first, i flew 2 feet into the air, and when i came down landed on my neck and pinched a nerve in my shoulder, i now can't move my right arm with out pain :(



i woke up this early morn tired, i paced my learning materials and went to gathering (co-op) i finished my education for the day, and then worked on an assignment of writing, after that i had to go to the theater (play practice) it went from 4:30 to 11:30, i came home exausted, i talked to my 2 dearest friends, and then hit the bed and fell asleep



be praying, i was at my theater pracitce when i got a call from my mom telling me she was outside, when i got in she was crying. one of my friends was in a car crash, she is now in acoma, so, keep me and her family in her prayers.



Today is the last day of plays, i have been in the production of willy wonka, for the last year, i play the role of Mike TV, tonight is the last day we are doing it, :( :) i'm sad and happy about it.

School is over, and now it's summer, all day to read, and play vedio games
Never alone......... only 2 words yet so powerful........


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