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4/16/11 (Mine are going to have a special sci-fi fantasy twist)

Today was a special day. We arose early at 7 AM on a Saturday morning to prepare for our showing of all three LOTR (extended version) movies. The count of the persons whos showed up was 16 including my sister, mother, and me. In between the beaming pictures we served meals of Hobbit food to our guests. One person had brought a life-size cut out of the character Legolas, and boy, the girls were taking pictures left and right . It was a very entertaining day.

we did that the day deathly hallows part 1 came out, it was really fun, hope yours was to
It was. What is deathly hallows?

Harry Potter 7


Today was usual. I arose from my chamber and consumed the words of my Bible. I went down stares and was bored for a really long time. My father and I played Chess and then played Monoploly, which is still not finished. My sister and I just finished watching a moving photo called Ocean's Eleven and are now waiting for our Mom and Dad to get home from a place that serves life givers called Big Boy.

Sorry for not posting. I'll post tonight.

it's ok.


Today my Mom went to go and collect supplies. This left me and my sisters at the fortress alone to do our learning. She was absent a long time. When she came back, she had loads of supplies. We helped unload them, but there were two bags we were not able to see. We think they may be for the upcoming holiday called Easter. So it was pretty much normal: School, be bored etc.


Today was a little different. We went to the healer of body pain. We children got mother to take us to get donuts for our father that was at work. We also got donute for us. Then we went and got a pizza for him and us. The rest of the day we basically did nothing.


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