Wow, I sounded kinda creepy there......anyway,

Dying is not something people want to hear. But to be honest, I kinda look forward to it. NO, I DON'T wish that I was dead or anything, just let me explain.
This world is cursed with sin, so the idea of living forever with God in heaven, a place that is absolute perfection, sounds a lot better than a cursed world. (Again, to make myself clear, I'm not hoping to die, I've had a good life so far!)

Then there are the ways of dying. When you think about it, it's not something to be afraid of. Yes, there are many scary ways to die, and yes, it can be painful, but if you truly believe in Jesus and trust Him, then you're going to Heaven anyway! People who don't believe in Jesus are the only ones who have to worry. (Thankfully there's a way for everyone to Jesus.)

So why worry about death when it's just the beginning of a new, perfect life?

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I believe that if you are dying a painful death, that you start to not feel pain. I believe God takes the pain away. 

It sounds like a possibility....I never thought of

you know that's a good point. why should we worry about death when right after we die we go to heaven to be Jesus Christ. 


you know alt of times people think that death is going to be horrible i mean yeah its painful but its just the beginning of heaven

....the beginning of eternal Peace!

I am willing to go through pain for Jesus. If that means fighting in spiritual wars..I will. Because then I can get a little piece of what Jesus did for us. 

very true

True indeed!  :)

I also think that death is like the end of a chapter in a book.  It's not over, just a new page.  (Kinda weird that I think something like that...I haven't re-read the Hunter Brown books in a while...)

or a new book...;)

I think you are spot on! I often imagine dyeing to be with God. The best day of my life will be the last! I will use my last breath to praise the Author of all things!   

Lol. I don't even remember posting that now I feel old


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