What movie themes can ya'll play on your fav instrument?

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I can play 3 LotR songs & 2 PotC songs 


I have too much time on my hands
I can play Axel F on my dad's piano.
0 lol I don't practice a lot, and I think we are transtioning to a new piano I haven't played in a long time.
I Might be posting some piano tutorials on YouTube, would anybody be interested?

Soon I'll be able to play the POTC and Star wars, and Phantom of the Opera. :D

I'm learning the Gerudo valley theme on guitar (my sisters got it down and it sounds awesome) from legend of zelda, I've learned and am learning 2 themes from how to train your dragon presently (gorgeous transcriptions) and I'm learning/ have learned a TON of LoZ music on the piano:)

i can't play very much but i can play some music from twilight i know some people r against that movie but ok the music is good from that show!!

Yeah...but even if music is good from certain things, I still don't like them if they're from certain movies. I feel kinda sick to my stomachish...

the original james bond theme!, halo (video game it was gonna be a movie but they cancelled it).


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