What are your favorite animes you llove to watch?

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Avatar sounds interesting. my minions have a friend who used to be really into it.

Sailor Moon, Teen Titans(Raven is awesome!!!), fan vids of Mermaid Melody(sorry, but the show itself is a little off), Pretty Cure Max Heart, Fresh Pretty Cure, Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Pretty Cure XD All Stars

For me theres:

Prince of Tennis,Pretty Cure (all of em),Code Geass,Black Butler(#1 fav),Lucky Star,Bleach,Sailor Moon,Teen Titans and others

i've been trying to find episodes of Suite, Splash Star, and Yes! 5, but youtube doesn't have them. they got rid of all the Max heart before i could watch them all. I really like Cures Passion and Moonlight. They can really take down evil scum!

Totally! You should try Modern Magic it'll laugh your socks off

what's it about?

Its a bout this girl who has trouble with het powers,cause when she does it turns into a washbasin. Her friends tried to help but just made it as more washbasins fall from the sky.

umm let's see. Naruto, D.N.Angel, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a few others that I can't think of at the moment. :)

Awesome :)

Oh yeah, and Fairy Tail.

I have not seen Fairy Tale is it any good?

Yeah! I like it but I have to admit there are a few...things in it...know what I mean?


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