What are your favorite animes you llove to watch?

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gotcha have you tried Di Gi Charat? its funny and cute

No, I haven't heard of it. I just started watching this other anime show it's called Fruits Basket, heard of it? 

Ah i love that anime!

i'm kinda scared to get in too deep with animes because they seem a

i've had to watch a few for education classes to understand how students view the world by what they watch. I've found Teen Titans and Pretty Cure to be the best choices. Sailor Moon has episodes that are a little iffy, like Sailor Stars and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's relationship in teh Japanese version.  

Yeah your right but some might be weird while others are awesome thats my opinion i guess :)

guess i'm one for meaning in my watching. some sort of lesson.


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