Hello all. In November’s writing challenge, participants will need to write a short story that includes these three elements: An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), a live digital clock (the clock is alive but can not ’speak’), and a nail clipper. Any genre is welcome, and it can be as long or as short as you like - as long as it's the full story, of course! Also, for extra points, include the idea of music being life and the way it moves people and affects their actions. Just an fyi, no Christian music, if you actually pull genres and stuff into your story, as it tends to sound the same.


1. No cursing/swearing.

2. Do not preach if you decide to include religion.

3. Keep it clean.

4. Proofread and edit. We would like this to be clear, easy to read, and an example of your best writing. 

5. Have your stories up no later than November 25th. The rest of the month will be reserved for the judges to read the stories, rate them, and vote.

Please title the discussion thread in which you post your story something like “Zhadow’s Nov. 2016 Writing Challenge Entry (with your name, that is).”

If any of these rules are broken points will be knocked off.


1 Point - I really didn't like it; it wasn't well written, had flat characters, etc.

2 Points - It was okay.

3 Points - It was good, but could've been better.

4 Points - It was pretty good, but needs a bit more development.

5 Points - The story was really good.

6 Points - The story was great! A few tweaks and it could be near-perfect!

7 Points - This was a super awesome story! The plot was great and the characters felt realistic in these set circumstances.



Erza Scarlet

Raven (Jessi)

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Okay. I think she's getting closer to getting it done, but she can't write on Sabbath, if I remember correctly.

Sabbath for me is from sundown Friday til three stars Saturday.

I'm grateful for any extension. I just have a lot going on. I haven't even told Jessi the full extent of everything because it's personal. A couple things just need not be brought up because I don't feel like talking about it.

That's a weird Sabbath lol. I only know it as Sunday really. And three stars Saturday?

Well that's weird. Like beyond weird. To each their own I guess...

I suppose it can be weird to people who aren't familiar with the idea. I'd explain my reasons, but I don't know if you're interested in hearing them .

Thanks for the extension. It helped me to not freak out while finishing my entry today. (I still freaked out a bit *laugh awkwardly *) I am pleased to announce that I did not need it and I posted it in time. ^-^ 

Wait, so who won?

We'll figure that out once Riley has time to rate Ringwraith's story.



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