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I'll join!

Phoenix is one of five children of a prophet, Kara. They were very close. She helped him keep his temper in control and he loved her for it. 

One day she disappeared. None of the brothers knew where she went. She wasn't at a friend's house, the grocery store or anywhere. She wasn't answering her phone. It was like she fell off the earth.

Phoenix knew she'd want them to continue as if she was still there so he kept his brothers in line and kept going to school.

His brothers names were weird, according to some kids at school. Storm, Stone and Ocean. The last brother had the most normal name. Jack.

Their mom, being a prophet, could tell what they were going to be like when they grew up so she named them accordingly. Jack would be mischievous and cold towards people he didn't like, so she named him after the winter spirit, Jack Frost.

Storm was normally happy-go-lucky, and you couldn't imagine him being mad, but when he was mad a storm would be brewing-and probably not just figuratively.

Stone didn't talk much, but when he did it was probably sarcasm. He was stubborn as a rock, though. He usually got his way. 

Ocean was laid back, like his namesake. But he could tear things up as well.

But they weren't normal. They were Elementals.

That sounds interesting! I would read that book.

Thank you! 

Hey all. So hope told me that I should write a novel. I came up with a possible storyline but I wanted to see if anybody would read it. I don't know if I will be writing it but if I don't just ask me and one of you can write it.

Through Wings Gain Passage

Once upon a time their was a ancient civilization. It was very powerful as ancient manuscripts have said. But, one day it was just gone. No ruins could be found and no account of what happened.
100 years later an archaeologist and a eager historian team up to find what happened. Their journey takes them all over the world and ultimately to the truth.

Would anybody read that?

P.S. I could really use help with some things. If I decide to write it I will probably need help.

I'd probably read that. I say probably because I have a really long reading list as it is! XD And I could try to help. Just keep in mind I'm very busy some days, with working on my own novel.


No problem. :)


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