Just a story I've been workin on. I know the chapters are short. Sorry but not sorry. XD

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Ssssoooooooooo.......when are ya posting more?

Well, the nice thing is, I can update the story on Q and the above link will still work. I will just post down here that I added a chapter.


Not sure what that means but okay! XD


Ooh... This is good, Ringwraith! A little weird, though, as I literally just read an article yesterday about a monster similar to what's trying to kill Amber - a footless being with glowing eyes and wrapped in shadows (or however exactly you described it). Only, the monster in the article I read yesterday wore a black trenchcoat and a Quaker hat as well. But anyway, I can't wait to read more of The Visitors

Huh. Thats a bit coincidental. I can honestly say that I have never heard of a monster with a quaker hat. XD

Thanks! I cant wait to write more.

Lol. Yeah... It was a demon of sorts in the article I read, and that's how he was described. With having a Quaker-type hat.



Poor Amber. I just wanna give her hugs and lots of cookies


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