Hiya, peeps! I got a few really cool stories about guns and how they saved lives! Courtesy of Concealed Carry magazine! Enjoy! ^-^

Colorado homeowner foils burglary attempt;

Hearing noises outside his home early one evening, a Denver man took his pistol with him when he went to investigate. He found an intruder trying to break into the home through the window. Fearing for his life, the homeowner fired on the burglar, wounding him and stopping the incident.

Octogenarian Mississippi housewife defends against knife wielding home invader;

After rifling through a truck and stealing the quantity of the lawn implements, a thief forced his way into a Sultan home and knifed the 75 year old man who tried to him in the stomach. The home owners 80 year old wife responded to the commotion in time to see the attacker standing over her wounded and bleeding husband. When the attacker started after her, the wife ran to her bedroom to get a pistol, with which she shot the assailant three times, killing him.

Georgia man foils car theft;

An Albany man awoke early one morning to the sounds of a car window breaking. Taking up his pistol, he went outside to investigate. That's when an armed man accosted him and pointed a handgun at him. Fearing for his life, the citizen fired on the armed assailant, missing him but putting him to flight and ending the crime.

South Carolina man defends against multiple assailants;

A north Charleston man was in a local bar when he was accosted by another man who pulled a gun and threatened him. Wanting to avoid trouble, the threatened man left the bar, but the assailant and another man followed him to his car and continued making threats. When the assailant started to pull his gun again, the victim, fearing for his life, drew his own pistol and fired on the assailant, hitting him and putting him to flight.

Louisiana man defends against multiple home invaders;

A Port Allen man was home alone late one evening when several men broke into his trailer during a severe storm. Fortunately, the homeowner was able to retrieve a pistol and fire on the invaders, killing one and putting the others to flight.

I might upload some more later. :D


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