I almost forgot.  Who doesn't like a good ol' machine gun!?

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Why don't you like the good ol' machine gun? ;P
I said i do like it!



Anyway, the bigger the bang, the better, right?  In other words...ICBMs FOR EVERYONE!

i like submachine guns

I like the G36E. It's an assault rifle with a scope. it's awesome. 

i never learned the different types of guns but..............

GUNS ROCK DUDE!!!!!!!!!!

rpg time!


no, not a role playing game. I'm talking about a rocket propelled grenade!!!


I want a Thompson, or a M4A1.

I prefer to silent so i would nearly always have a silencer attached to a gun but my favorite AR is probably either the mk36 or th fn2000, and my favorite sniper would be this beast!


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