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Sadie Drake just wants to keep her sister safe. But this is growing steadily difficult as Arley insists on finding a way back to Solandria. Amber wishes to be left alone with her troubled thoughts,…Continue

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Started this discussion. Last reply by Irene Starr Oct 2, 2018.

Codebears Roleplay (Redone)
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An arrow with a small piece of worn parchment attached to it whizzed by, firmly planting itself in a tree.  A hooded figure raced over to see the message. “They're on their way!” He shouted. “We…Continue

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Started this discussion. Last reply by Arely Oct 7, 2016.

Codebearers Roleplay
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WARNING this is still a work in progress. Please JoinIt had been years since Kayla's (My character) Grandfather defeated the shadows and many others. The Author blessed the Codebearers with gifts,…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by DatGlutenFReeChef May 23, 2016.

Destroyer of Cypher's ego and More Awesome than TDOW
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Hello all. You know me as Sabrina.Now I have a real account. For all who don't know me already here are a few things about me.I like pizza. I like to think I'm deadly and intimidating. I love books.…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Bladebearer on Thursday.

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Welcome lost travelers. Here seeking something? Or more accurately, someone? I might be able to help ~Ignis Mayhem

Tale of Old

There once lived a man whose battle was old

His fight one of stories always untold

A battle of the mind and a fight of the soul

O what a story that would never be told

There are tales of the valiant, the brave, and the bold

But not of the man whose battle was old

Humbly he served and humbly he fell

O what a story that he never would tell 

Content was he to let his story unfold

Never asking for such as silver or gold

Always doing what he knew was right

O what a story of an epic fight

He waged his battles over souls long since sold

The creatures of darkness finally claiming their hold

Determined, the man shared his light

Liberating many of the dark's might 

The man rescued hundreds, thousands, maybe more

Before succumbing to the burden he bore

Weary was he, he began to succumb

To the evil inside him, yes the end had begun 

Yet the man knew just what to do

He brushed himself off and tarried on through 

No matter the odds, he'd oppose the night

Fiercely, he faced one last fight

But not for himself, no he'd never do that 

But for me and my friends swallowed by the black

Long since lost to the grip of the abyss

Haunted by the shadows of lives gone amiss

The battle was fought and he all but won

If only the darkness had released that last one 

For me the darkness refused to give up

Tortured was I by my cursed bad luck

If only the man had turned and ran away

He might have lived to fight again one day

But alas he would never do that

No matter the odds, no matter the act

He plunged into the darkness, taking hold of my hand

Surely there was never a more valiant man

With one final effort he shared his light

Breaking me free of my nightmarish plight

Of me the darkness relinquished its hold

But only to consume the man of old

My hero was he and never will i forget

The man who rescued me without regret

I found all his stories and I wrote him songs

About how he saved people and righted many wrongs

People now know of the man of old

His story no longer goes untold

As for me, my story has yet just begun

I will fight the battles and hopefully have some fun

I will remember the warriors who have fought night's might

And remember my liberator, a most honorable knight

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At 7:31pm on July 29, 2020, Dit See said…

Ha! I get it! That's fine!

At 7:55pm on July 28, 2020, Bladebearer said…

It's good stuff!

At 6:52pm on July 28, 2020, Dit See said…

Great! (I love thunderstorms SOOO MUCH!) I do think mouthful names can be fun! 

At 12:56pm on July 28, 2020, Dit See said…

Also, let's just call it The Manor, unless you have a better name (which I'm sure you do :)

At 12:54pm on July 28, 2020, Dit See said…

Oh, thanks! I'm totally open to constructive critique! All I normally get is: oh it's fantastic! And I kinda agree but I want it perfect, you know? Also, I spent, like, a few hours on it, so it's nothing like the stories I've spent years developing :)

At 7:43pm on July 27, 2020, Bladebearer said…

Dang! Where did that poem come from?

At 7:57pm on July 25, 2020, Dit See said…

It's lovely! I hope you get around to that story sometime!

At 7:43pm on July 25, 2020, Dit See said…

Oh, Sabrina, that poem is beautiful! I want to sing it! 

At 12:01pm on July 25, 2020, Dit See said…

I mean I don't know if I should've set up the discussion or not :) Maybe whoops, maybe not! Hopefully not :)

At 10:57am on July 25, 2020, Dit See said…

K, I tried a discussion, but I'm not sure that's the best way :/

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"I ban you for banning people"
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"Royal Orthodontists Yell At Lilies  QUIET"
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"You get a tasty burger, but it's only tasty in the sense that it's the burger's name brand. It actually tastes nothing like a burger I wish that I could finally get my braces off so I can floss normally again :'I"
Sabrina replied to Cypher's discussion Trade!
"Trades Buff Disney Princess for the original star wars books as the new star wars movies"
Dit See left a comment for Sabrina
"Ha! I get it! That's fine!"
Dit See left a comment for Sabrina
"Ha! I get it! That's fine!"
Sabrina replied to Brook Pittman's discussion Banning game
"I ban you because we didn't get enough rain today for puddles and it's very disappointing "
Jul 29
Sabrina replied to Brook Pittman's discussion Four letter word
Jul 29
Sabrina replied to Brook Pittman's discussion 5 letters
"Kyle Insists No Garbage Survived PINES (So are we doing 5 letter words now? XD)"
Jul 29
Sabrina replied to Brook Pittman's discussion Banning game
"I ban you because rain is not nice when you're trying to repair walls and a roof :P"
Jul 29
Sabrina replied to Cypher's discussion Trade!
"Trades genie lamp for flying magic carpet "
Jul 29
Sabrina replied to daniel's discussion I doth love the warm circles of heavenly gooey stuff that are called cookies!!!
"Hark! I am overcome with joy to see the codebearers return to the Manor (I tried :P) Sweaterland is warm and cozy"
Jul 29
Sabrina replied to Brook Pittman's discussion 5 letters
"Jacklyn Keeps Losing My Notebooks IWACS"
Jul 29

Sabrina's Blog

Role-play for three

This is where we're going to discuss the plot for our role-play and then we'll get started.

Alrighty, here's what we know so far.

You can have up to three characters. If you want more than three we may make an acception, but you'll have to talk to everyone in the group.

The story is set in a AU where the Cb books never happened. A codebearer is going to end up being the villain.

And our start date is March seventeenth.

(And this is our basis…


Posted on January 20, 2018 at 11:30am — 430 Comments

How to hatch a dragon

Cypher needs help hatching a dragon egg, Please go to his page and click on the egg, (yeah, that's a bad picture i know)

You can do it once a day. If it doesn't hatch in seven days it'll die so please help!

Posted on September 4, 2016 at 6:30pm — 5 Comments

I should explain something

I probably should've explained this awhile ago. Sabbath is when I go to church and there are certain things I don't do on either. Like watch anime, go shopping, or do roleplays. I wanted to explain this so you guys know that i just didn't see the post in the rpg, but I'm waiting for Sabbath to be over. It starts for me sundown/last light friday and lasts until any three stars can be seen saturday.

Profile comments, forum games,and my codebearers roleplay ( for personal reasons) are…


Posted on May 28, 2016 at 11:50am — 8 Comments

Starry Sky

I had to write a four to six stanza poem for English today and here's what I got.

I wish to fly

Oh so high

And disappear

Into the sky

For it is full 

Of my dreams

Lost forever

Or so it seems

The world appears

Very dull

When you're stuck

In a lull

After one visit

To that starry sky

You return to earth

Yearning again to fly

Posted on May 23, 2016 at 12:30pm — 10 Comments


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