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Hello there! It has been quite a while since my last blog post. Here are a few updates since it is now 2016. ! Life is crazy! Now being a Junior in High school so much has changed, like everything does. Some things are still the same, like the fact I'm homeschooled and very ambitious. I am still only 5'6 3/4 tall not the 6' I was going for.  I still have blue eyes and my hair is still blonde and…


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3 years

     Since my last blog post was from when I was in middle school, I thought I should probably update it! So. . .  I still

have blonde hair (though slightly shorter :)) and yes I still have blue eyes. Yes. *insert sarcasm* I know you didn't…


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I guess it's about me.

Ok.. So I have never done this before so cut me some slack. I've seen alot of you people do this so I will try it out.

So I am homeschooled. WHOOP WHOOP! This is my second year. I'm in 7th grade and love it! I have long blonde hair, big blue eyes (people freak when they see them!!!), tall (5 feet 5 1/2 inches to be exact) and everybody thinks when they meet me that I'm in highschool. When I tell them I'm in 7th grade…


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