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Random Ramblings to keep me from falling asleep...

ello all. 

I am at work but I haven't had a single customer call, email, or come into the store all day!

and it's raining. 


to keep myself awake, I am now going to write whatever pops in to my head...

Ok, so all the Mods remind me of people. 

Bladebearer: big sister

Lexi: camp councillor

Explorer Dude: cousin that nobody ever sees

Mike: older brother that moved away to…


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Tanwen's Super Long Quiz; if you read mine I'll read yours.

Favorite actor: Orlando Bloom...? 

Favorite musician band: Lecrae

Favorite dead musician: RIP, Etta James. …


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What's In a Name: Part 3

Yes, it is true. The much anticipated blog post of the century is finally being released! Critics have been raving about the success of the previous installments, earning the first two 5 and 3 comments! Surely this will be the greatest of the three! Now, on to the post.

We have finally come to the third and final part of my unique username, elf. In my opinion, everything ended in the word elf is 10 times better, and here's why.

  As mentioned in part two, my…


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Lawn Mowers and Tape

Ah, lawn mowers. Invented by Edwin Budding in 1827. Used to keep lawns fresh and tidy looking for decades. And then, there is duct tape. It was invented in 1942 to seal ammunition cases. Here is my point: THESE TWO THINGS DO NOT GO TOGETHER! Let me start from the beginning.

We have a lawn mower. Several actually, but today I would be using the "working" one. Well, it's a bad sign when the lawn mower that works best has ripped the inside of it's metal liner, and atempted to chop it up!…


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What's in a name pt.2

Welcome to the second class of "What's in a name", the in depth explanation of my username. Today we will be focusing on the second part of the name; Fire. 


Out of all the elements, fire has always been my favourite. From a very young age I have been building camp fires, lighting candles, and pretty much playing with fire every change I've gotten. The first character that I invented that had fire as a major part was FireFox. This was a super hero character I created while…


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What's in a name? pt.1

Hello Students,

Welcome to the first of a three part series on my name. Not my real name, of course, that is a secret, but my username. I have divided this into three sections. Tanwen, Fire, and Elf. 



   What an terrific way to start to start a username. It is unique and awesome. Where did I find this name, you ask? The answer is simple;…


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How long has this site been around?

How long have I been missing out for?

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Introduction to me!

Hi Everyone!

I love the Codebearers series and have read all the books. I participated in the online chat during the book signing a few months ago. My friend and I created an account with the name "Lyndseylou" I think it was. I have also chatted with the name I have now! I'm so excited to get to talk to ya'll, the last website I was on like this was mostly made up of 7ish year olds, so it's nice to talk with some other people! 

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