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Before The Morning

I noticed that the Miller Bothers had 'Before The Morning' as a favorite song of theirs up on the main page. I ignored it for a couple months, and then listened to it. I had listened to it before, but I was bored, and I was  browsing around Codebearers.com and I decided to play it. It was a cool music video, but I really didn't care a whole lot about it. That was around May, and had completely brushed the thought off until last Sunday. I was browsing the CD's in my house when I came to Josh…


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Dumb Sayings

I was bored so I'm starting this blog post. Havn't done blogs in a while, but there's always a reason for everything. What does that mean, reason for everything? I guess it just sounds cool. There's lots of dumb sayings out there. "What goes around comes around" a saying that sounds cool until you think about it for about 3 seconds. So your saying if you shoot a round of ammo, it will boomerang around and slap you in the face? What dumb philosopher came up with that? Or the saying "It's…


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Quiz Of The Century

Favorite actor: Jon Heder

Favorite musician: Hawk Nelson, Thousand Foot Krutch, RED,

Relient K, Kutless, and Newworldson when I'm not in a rock mood.

Favorite dead musician: Beatles…


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MyLife: Watch Your Words

Okay, I know it's been a really long time since I've sent out a ML, but I had taken a break from Codebearers, and I've been back on for almost two weeks now, and I'mm still trying to get back into the swing of things. And thank you, Bladeangel, for making "MyLife: Draw The Dark". Anyway...


The topic of this ML as you know, is Watch Your Words. Now, I've seen words that are not horrificly bad, but I think that we could wach aour mouths a little more. Even darn. It…


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MyLife: Cancer


Okay, first off, sorry it's ben awhile sence the last MyLife, but my family has been worse as ever. But enough about me, onto the MyLife!


Well, how do you guys like how the Miller Bros re-did the site? I LOVE it!!! (I've been waiting for the Leaderboards to come back) Tell me what you guys think of it!


Unfortunetly, many people suffer from cancer. In fact, my dad's co-worker ws diagnosed with Lukemia in…


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MyLife: Japan Earthquake

Okay, all of you know about the Japan earthquake that happened at 2:00 PM (About midnight our time) on Thursday afternon. Unfortunatly, already about a 1,000 people died. Swaying buildings, things falling off shelfs, water washing away whole houses, they are all things that happened during the quake. But we don't need to be watching videos of people in a terrified state, or cars getting swept away by the amazing forces of water. If are really that concerned about it, we need to be doing…


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"More Beautiful You"

Okay, Thank you all for your colaberation on names, but with imput from numerous people, I have come up with that. Unfortunatly, there is no news from the Miller Bros. So, I will move on to the devotion!



Ezra :G had mentioned the song "More Beautiful You" By Jonny Diaz in messaging me after reading my previous MyLife newsletter. It made me think about, and sparked my imagination thinking about how in this sick and twisted world, in the world's…


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"We live"

Okay, I hate calling it that, but with nothing else on mind, it's what i had to stick with. If you have any better ideas, please message me. But what this is really about- I decided to make a News/devo in one. where you can get an update on the Miller bros, and have biblical encouragement all in one. I will try to put this out about once a week, or whenever I find something good enough to put up here.


So, as far as news goes, most of you know that the MB…


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My Crazy Life

As you all know, I'm Explorerdude, the one-of-a-kind guy who's always crazy. But for me, right now, my life's not so hot. my family fell apart (My Dad is not living with us) and I'm struggling to keep up chores, school, and family. You guys on Codebearers have been a huge encouragement to me. It has been a safe heavan for me. It's been a place where I feel loved and wanted. But enough of the sad stuff, I've got Four cats, (Maui, Roxy, Fiona, Tinkerbell) and they praticly have a hobby of… Continue

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