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Secret Santa for Rileon and Sabrina!!! :)

Hey you two, since I got two people (and didn't have a hole lot of time to make two things haha) I decided to make a poem that I think both of you will enjoy!! If it does not satisfy you, please let me know so that I can redo/revive it. Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! XD

THE GATHERING by Misty Illusion :)

We lie in wait in the Darkness

Until we see the Light

The Fire will burn

It's blaze a call to War

And when we see it

Near or…


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So, my mom fell and seriously injured her foot, to the extent that she is now going to get an X-Ray to see if it is broken! We believe that prayer changes throng, and would greatly appreciate your prayers for her. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

~Kingdom_Warrior/Misty Illusion

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Belt Testing

Hey all!! I have belt testing tomorrow, and I would appreciate prayer for that. Last time I did not pass this test because I did oit have all of my forms down. :P Thank you!!!

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Advice/Kingdom_Warrior's How-to Guide

How throw a punch: Make a fist, don't tuck your thumb in, line the third section of your thumb across the second sections of your pointer and middle finger, keep your wrist straight, lead with your middle knuckle.

The elements of power in marital arts in order of importance: 1)hips 2)stance 3)focous 4)reaction force 5)speed

How to drive a car: Carefully

How to do makeup: Don't :P

Don't jump out of planes without a parachute if it…


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Extension to the Stage!!!

Please welcome the new teen artist Extension to the stage of modern music!  Follow and Like him on Facebook, or listen to him on SOUNDCLOUD to support this up-and-coming artist!  Anyways, this is my cousin, so please check him out. :)  I listened to his tracks when they were in the making, and his songs have a quality and personality I find some others lacking in.  This is the link to his SOUNDCLOUD page:…


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          I'm looking through the old Yearbooks again.  Back when we were in Elementary School, when we thought the 8th graders were so big, while the High Schoolers just ignored us.  Now were are in High School, and College doesn't seem so far away now.  Looking back on memories, where signatures bring up faces in my mind.  Looking back, with some regret, at what was said and done, and what was not.  As we grow in height, we grow in knowledge, maturity, friendships, and insight. This is…


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A Call To Arms

       They all have their ideas and their beliefs, but who is right? What is the Truth in this messed-up, lead-astray world? Can I even trust the words coming out of your mouth, O friend of mine? I don't know what to do when words of Truth come out of the mouths of the ones that I despise, yet words of Hate snd lies come from those who I call my friends. We are a broken people; a broken generation. Lord, help us when we can't tell black from white any more;…


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So, Ringwrath apparently thinks that it is funny to steal someone's identity on Codebearers, so it took me about 30 seconds to steal his. So, I am now Freakn' Batman.  I will change it soon, no worries. :)  What do you think?  Bad idea?  Good idea?

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And He Answers

       I have seen you.  I have held your hand though it all.  I have known you, since before I even made you.  I have loved you, since before I even wrote you into My story.  Even if you turn away.  Even when you hate what I've made.  Even if you tell me to go away.  I will never leave your side, I will not forsake you.  For I made you after My own heart.  I have marked you with the seal of My Love, the mark of My Blood poured out for you.

       Please don't run…


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My Love

       Amica Mea.  Mi Amor.  Mon Amour.  Meine Geliebte.  Il Mio Amore He is My Love in any language I may say it.  I have loved Him since I was very young, and have known of Him for even longer.  He is the One I run to when I am sad, the One that I vent to when I am angry, the One who reasons with me, assures me, and embraces me when I used to hate myself.  When I wished that I was never born, He would speak life into me,…


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Here is a song I wrote.

Here is a sonf that I wrote for people going through depression/self harm/suisidal tendencies. I do not really have a tune for it, but the style would be more Flyleaf kr Skillet's style. Here goes!

I hate this.

I will break this

If this continues 



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Answering 100 Questions

Hello, all who read this!  I decided to do a quiz-of-100-questions thing, so here goes!  You don't of course have to read them all, but you can do whatever you like with this.

     1. Who is your hero?  Well, Jesus obviously .  But besides Him, probably my Mom.  She rocks!…


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Hello, fellow CodeBearers!

Hello!  I am a teenage girl from Colorado.  My favorite color is blue (maybe quite obviously ;), my favorite animal is probably a tiger, I am currently a red belt in Tae-Kwon-Do (a form of martial arts), my favorite weapon is the Katana (a Japanese-style sword), and I may be slightly obsessed with ninjas and superheros.  I consider my self quite the tomboy, but I do have random girly streaks as well (like, three times a…


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