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Here is a song I wrote.

Here is a sonf that I wrote for people going through depression/self harm/suisidal tendencies. I do not really have a tune for it, but the style would be more Flyleaf kr Skillet's style. Here goes!

I hate this.

I will break this

If this continues 



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Answering 100 Questions

Hello, all who read this!  I decided to do a quiz-of-100-questions thing, so here goes!  You don't of course have to read them all, but you can do whatever you like with this.

     1. Who is your hero?  Well, Jesus obviously .  But besides Him, probably my Mom.  She rocks!…


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Hello, fellow CodeBearers!

Hello!  I am a teenage girl from Colorado.  My favorite color is blue (maybe quite obviously ;), my favorite animal is probably a tiger, I am currently a red belt in Tae-Kwon-Do (a form of martial arts), my favorite weapon is the Katana (a Japanese-style sword), and I may be slightly obsessed with ninjas and superheros.  I consider my self quite the tomboy, but I do have random girly streaks as well (like, three times a…


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