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A Call To Arms

       They all have their ideas and their beliefs, but who is right? What is the Truth in this messed-up, lead-astray world? Can I even trust the words coming out of your mouth, O friend of mine? I don't know what to do when words of Truth come out of the mouths of the ones that I despise, yet words of Hate snd lies come from those who I call my friends. We are a broken people; a broken generation. Lord, help us when we can't tell black from white any more;…


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So, Ringwrath apparently thinks that it is funny to steal someone's identity on Codebearers, so it took me about 30 seconds to steal his. So, I am now Freakn' Batman.  I will change it soon, no worries. :)  What do you think?  Bad idea?  Good idea?

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And He Answers

       I have seen you.  I have held your hand though it all.  I have known you, since before I even made you.  I have loved you, since before I even wrote you into My story.  Even if you turn away.  Even when you hate what I've made.  Even if you tell me to go away.  I will never leave your side, I will not forsake you.  For I made you after My own heart.  I have marked you with the seal of My Love, the mark of My Blood poured out for you.

       Please don't run…


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My Love

       Amica Mea.  Mi Amor.  Mon Amour.  Meine Geliebte.  Il Mio Amore He is My Love in any language I may say it.  I have loved Him since I was very young, and have known of Him for even longer.  He is the One I run to when I am sad, the One that I vent to when I am angry, the One who reasons with me, assures me, and embraces me when I used to hate myself.  When I wished that I was never born, He would speak life into me,…


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