This is a random story I started awhile ago. I didn't exactly know where it was going and only really wrote this chapter. I don't think I'll continue it but I thought it might be fun for you guys to read. X3

Just a warning, it's very gory and dark. This is not meant for the faint of heart.

Oh, and its not very well edited. :P

Star Brook

Cold. That’s what she described the wall. Cold, tall, dark…evil. She brushed her fingers across the dark black stones and looked up. It was about twenty feet tall, completely sheer and to make sure no one could ever cross it there was an electric wire that would pump 100,000 volts into your body if you dared to touch it. She glared at the wall a couple more moments and turned away walking back into the forest. The girl was of medium height for her age, which she looked to be in her mid-teens. She had knotty brown hair that was in a long braid that almost touched the ground. Her face was young, ruddy, but if she wasn’t so dirty she’d be gorgeous. Her eyes were a crystal green, but they blended well with the forest even though they were quiet bright. She wore clothing that had been stitched together from older clothing and animal skins and wasn’t really for fashion, but for function. 

She slipped through the forest so silently that even a large cougar who was listening for prey didn’t hear her. She froze suddenly and as soon as she stopped moving one would realize she was there. She was almost completely invisible.

“Twrip twrip twrip!” a call rang through the forest and she smirked, recognizing it.

She came to a clearing with a couple absolutely huge trees in the center and a trickling river rushing around and through them. She scaled the tree without difficultly and as she rose higher the once unsuspicious tree became a home full of other dirty skinny people.

A small boy ran over and hugged her. “I was scared you wouldn’t make it!” he whimpered.

She kissed his forehead and squat to look him in the eyes. “They’d never find me Full Leaf.” She promised.

He looked at her with brave eyes. “Your right Star Brook.” He said. “Sorry for not believing in you.”

Star Brook’s eyes sparked. “Look what I caught.” She held out a plump rabbit and smiled as Full Leaf’s eyes widened.

“You found a rabbit!?” he squealed.

She put a finger to his lips. “Shh not so loud you don’t want them to find us do you?” she asked, but still smiling she held up the rabbit. “Everyone should eat well tonight.”

The people in the trees all gathered around the rabbit tearing off bloody hunks not even bothering to cook it. They were all scrawny from starvation and their eyes were sunken and dark from lack of sleep and terror. Most were young because the average age wasn’t very high. The eldest of their small group was probably only twenty five. Altogether there was about twenty people all huddling together. Star Brook only took a little more and went to the corner of the tree where she could see a bit through the branches. Night had fallen and they’d begin searching again. She shuddered slightly and soon anyone who had been whispering had gone dead silent. Her eyes flickered to the group who dispersed and hid in their hole of the tree licking any blood still left over to make sure there were no scents. They even ate the bones leaving no traces of the meal. Soon everyone was so well hidden that it was barley possible to find them. Star Brooks eyes flickered back to her little hole where she waited. She was the only lifeline of these people until he returned. She had hunted, searched and watched for over a week now and patiently waited. Still she couldn’t help but worry. “They couldn’t have found him…right?” she shook her head angry that she had thought such a thing. “He’ll be back… he will…” She thought.


Star Brook stiffened and watched the forest carefully. Out of the shadows it came and her blood went cold. It was like a lizard that was taller than a man, but still walked on its hind legs. Its skin was black and bumpy like tar and its red fiery eyes glowed in the night. It opened its large mouth and breathed a breath of fire onto a pile of sticks and sat by them to keep warm as its eyes scanned the area. Another dragged itself over to the fire in a slowly sluggish way. “Nothinggggg?” it hissed in a deep gargled voice. The other shook its head and they sat quietly.

“Prakits.” She thought. “At least its only two Prakits.”

Suddenly swooping down was a huge bird. Only this bird had reptilian back legs and furry cat like front. It walked on all fours with a quick slick pace. Its face was like a bird’s though with an outrageously long beak curved and sharped. Its wings were feathered and a dark red.

Star Brook bit her lip. “A Quilamig! No! We can’t die yet!”

The beast hissed softly in a low raspy. “I swear there are some of those filthy creatures nearby”

Star Brook began to shake and bit her lip until she could taste blood.

“Bring the Guthe.” The bird beast hissed.

One of the lizards got up and opened a small cage. Out of the cage came a furry small beast that looked like a dog and dodo bird crossed. It had furry tiny wings which it kept to its sides and rarely used because they were usually useless. Its legs were like that of a dodo bird, but ended in paws. Its face started as a dogs but as it went further it slowly became a curved beak, but not before its two massive holes for its nose. Its nose was why they wanted it. It could smell anything and Star Brook knew this. The small beast was rather stupid and it took the other creatures awhile to calm it enough to start searching. It took only one quick breath of the night air in its nostrils before it turned to the tree and let out a low lumbering growl.

“Shoot.” Star Brook muttered.

Quickly she mimicked a gunshot sound making the beast’s saunter back a second in surprise. Meanwhile this warned the people in the tree who immediately jumped down and scattered. Star Brook jumped down and ran into the forest. It didn’t take the beasts long to recover and chase after the scrawny people... Their prey.

Blood curdling screams soon filled the forest and sounds of struggle. Star Brook ran for her life not daring to look behind her. Suddenly the Quilamig leapt at her sending her face first into the dirt. It dug its claws into her back and she didn’t even try to hold back the scream.


The bird like creature went ridged and fell over… dead.

Star Brook looked up to see a young man about her age. He had shaggy black hair and deep purple eyes. He was well built and he looked rather heroic. “Star Brook?” he asked concerned bending over her.

She groaned, sitting up and forcing herself to her feet. “Long bow! Quick, the others!” she said.

Long Bow nodded and placing a fresh arrow into his bow he leapt off into the forest, disappearing from sight. Star Brook forced herself into a run too, taking out her spear from its holder on her back.

She got back to the large trees to find a horrid sight. Bodies were scattered everywhere, torn to pieces and some half eaten. Long Bow was chasing after the beasts, who sneered and hissed, but quickly left. Star brook fell to her knees staring at the bodies. “I didn’t give them enough warning… I didn’t protect them.” She whispered tears running down her face.

Out of the trees stumbled Full Leaf. He was bleeding heavily from a stump that was once his arm and was badly burned. “S-sis.” He managed.

Star Brook ran to her little brother and he looked up at her with hallow eyes. “It hurts… everywhere.” He muttered, some blood dribbling down his chin.

Star Brook laid Full Leaf in her arms. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered.

Full Leaf looked up at her, unafraid of death. “Kill them.” He told her, his eyes burning with a dark fire. “Kill them all. Kill them for our people, for mother and father…. For me. Just kill them all.”

Star Brook nodded. “I promise… I promise.” She sobbed hugging her small brother tight.

He lovingly touched her face with his good hand. “You’re so strong. While we all hid a feared you went straight out into the open and got us food.” He had a sudden coughing fit splattering blood everywhere. When he relaxed a bit more he looked back to her. “You and Long Bow will stop them. You are the strongest this place has ever seen.” His breathing was becoming more and more difficult and he struggled to finish. “Thank you.” He took as much air in as he could. “For being my sister.” He struggled some more and managed three last words. “I love you.” Finally he came to rest and stopped moving altogether.

Star Brook sobbed and held her brother tightly. “I love you to.”

Long Bow came back and spotted them. He looked away a moment cringing. Finally he sat beside her. “I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“I failed.” She whimpered.

“No, you did well, some got away. I should have come sooner.” He told her comfortingly.

“Some made it?” she asked, looking hopeful.

Long Bow nodded. “I’m going after them now.”

Star Brook took a deep breath. “I’m going to burry Full Leaf.”

Long Bow nodded again and rushed off into the forest.

Carefully she began to bury her brother then the rest of the dead. It was not a fun job, but she sang songs to send them to the better world praying they’d be happy for once. By the time she had finished Long bow came back with four of their group and they all helped drag a half dozen more bodies. More tears filled Star Brook’s eyes as she help burry them all. They sat by the graves and sung as one voice with sweet, well-coordinated voices.

“We must leave now.” Long Bow said.

Star Brook looked up to him. “Did you find the end?”

He looked sad. “Yes. The wall is a five day walk all the way around.”

More tears threatened and Star Brook bit them back. “If we can’t escape then we must fight.”

Everyone looked at her horrified, including Long Bow. “We’d never survive.” He said.

Star Brook got to her feet with a new determination. “I don’t care!” she yelled.

Everyone jumped back, but she just glared at them. “I’m willing to die to stop them.” Without a further word she started to leave.

Long Bow put a hand on her shoulder. “Then I am to.”

None of the others would join them, instead they fled believe they had gone crazy. Long Bow looked sad to leave them, but they had no choice and the two of them left off into the forest.

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