Favorite actor: Jon Heder
Favorite musician: Hawk Nelson, Thousand Foot Krutch, RED,
Relient K, Kutless, and Newworldson when I'm not in a rock mood.

Favorite dead musician: Beatles

What do I do when I’m nervous: If I told you I would have to kill you.

Who is my best friend: Arianne Pittman and Michael-Who-Doesn't-Like-Me-Telling-People-His-Last-Name

What kind of puzzles do I like best: I despise puzzles

Where do I get my sense of humor: My Mom

What did I get for Christmas: Not much

What is my favorite thing to do near Christmas time: Go snow skateboarding

What style hair did my dad have at my age: How in the world should I know?

Who do I get my eye shape from: Who cares?

Who did I have a crush on at age 5: I didn't have a crush until I was 8
What kind of animal is Fred: A Liger

Who is Fred: Napolion Dynamite's favorite animal

What is my favorite school subject: Lunch

What sport did I teach myself: Unicycling, skateboarding, and MANY other things.

Favorite book in the Bible: John, probably.

What you do when you’re stressed: Lay on my bed

What you do when you’re mad at someone: Yell, or if it's a boy around my age, punch them.
What you do when you want to talk to someone you’ve never talked to before: Talk to them.

What is your favorite instrument: Skateboard...

What is your nic-name: Ed

Do you like Coke or Pepsi: Bleh!

Favorite song: I like a ton of songs, but right now I'm really liking One Thing I Have Left, and Is Forever Enough by Hawk Nelson. 

Dark or Milk Chocolate: Milk
Earliest memory:
Lying in a crib looking at my sister peek in my room.
When I was about two
Who do you call when you’re upset: Jesus

Do you recycle: Rarely

Big Mac or Whopper: Cheeseburger

Last book you read: It was too long ago...Wait, It was EoE

Do you like the beach, or the mountains: Beach

What kind of shoes are you wearing: Black skate shoes

TV, or a book: TV

Favorite store: My local boardshop

What was the last thing you ate: Chai Tea

Clean freak or total slob: More slob side. 
Favorite car: White V dub beetle. The old fasioned kind. White.

Best gift you’ve ever received: Wii, mabye...

Best gift you’ve ever given: I dunno
Do you wish on stars: Not really.

Ever been stung by a jellyfish: I could only wish I had the privalidge of saying so.

Best cartoon ever: Smurfs

What scares you: Few things

Last person you spoke to: Mike

Favorite doughnut: Jelly filled

Stupidest thing you’ve ever done: Too many things.

Been to New York City: Yup

Best sitcom ever: Dr. Who

Been to LA: Yup.

Favorite place you’ve visited: Beach
Least favorite vegetable: All vegtables

Dreamer or doer: Dreamer

One word to describe you: Fearless

Name of your very first friend: Hurts my brain to think that far.

If I could, I would change my first name to: Ed

Night light, or completely dark: Dark

Ever pull an all-nighter: Attempted, but epicly failed several times.

Believe in love at first sight: Jesus, Yes.

Best toppings for pizza: Bacon

Ever owned a goldfish: Yup. It said 'Peppridge farm' on the side of the tank.

Favorite holiday and why:In the words of Larry the Cucumber: "I don't know, I don't know, and I don't know."

Ever won anything: Yeah

Favorite flower: Don't have one.

What do you do on rainy days: Talk to you guys.

Coffee or tea: COFFFFAAYYY!!!!

Oldest living relative: Granpa (87)

Most annoying bug: Bugs.

Tanning oil or sunscreen: Sunscreeen
Are your nails: Painted, fake, chipped, or bitten: None

Do you wear painful shoes just because they’re cute: No way!

Best type of music: Rock

Ever been in love: Jesus

Radio or iPod: iPod all the way

Favorite actress: Amy Adams

Have a secret you’ve never told anyone: Many

Do you believe in the tooth fairy: Yup. My mom.

Favorite thing to snack on: Something yummy.

Mall or outlet store: What's the difference?

Your absolute favorite article of clothing: Undies. :P
Frozen yogurt or ice cream: Ice cream

What superpower would you love to have: Fly

Potato chips or French fries: Both

Cosmetic you can’t live without: Hair gel

Best teacher you’ve ever had: My mom

Spender or saver: Both

Who should play you in a movie version of your life: Me

If you were an animal, what would you be: A bird

Best beverage: Mountain Dew voltage

Favorite cereal: Lucky charms

Who do you wish you could meet: Everybody from CodeB, but Mike and Ari for sure.

Fearful or fearless: Fearless

Which would you try? Sky diving, rappelling, or scuba diving: Sky diving

Butterflies or dragon flies: Dragon

Organic or junk food: Junk

Bully, or bullied: Nope. If you knew me in real life you would know why.

Dream job: Actor
Cup half full or half-empty: It just is. :P
Ever broken a body part: Nope

How many car accidents have you been in: None, but with my sister driving, many close calls.

Ever caused a car accident: >:)

Ever been sent to the principals office: If that means my room, yes.

Most beautiful (inside) person you know: I really don't know.

How do you relax: Skateboard, Listen to rock, and sleep on the couch

Social butterfly, or wallflower:  If I knew what these cute little cliches meant, mabye I could answer them.Your biggest question about life: Secret keeper or blabbermouth: Secret keeper.
What makes you cry: Nothing, exept for getting really stressed out.

Names of future children (boy and girl): Who thinks of these things?

Who’s your favorite relative: They are all really wierd.

Your last dream: It rained acid rain on my house, and it tore the house apart. I fixed the entire house in 5 minutes with only a hammer. (That was when I first made this 5 months ago. This is my dream I had last night:) Mike was sitting in a tree, and I saw him an I'm like "Mike!" and then his mom came over and got really mad at him for giving out his real name on Codebearers. Then we dove into a pool and threw water balloons at people in church. >:D

What makes you crazy: Coffay!

I wish I : Could fly
Stick shift, automatic, or can’t drive yet: Was that even a question? I don't answer silly questions. That was a silly question.

Which appointment is worse? Doctor or dentist: There both pretty good if you can get a lolly pop.

Ever been to the emergency room: If by that you mean the bathroom, yes.

Worry wart or worry free: Both

Bicycle through Europe, or African safari: Safari, takes less energy.

Favorite food court place: Sabaros

Ice cubes or crushed ice: Cubes

What do you likeon your burger: Meat

Favorite fast food: Micky D's

Do you know sign language: Do I look like I know sign launguage?

Favorite department store: Does the fire department count?

Who taught you to ride a bike: My dad

How old were you when you learned to swim: Can't really swim.

I would love to try: The bacon sundae from Denny's

Who do you admire most: ?

Bikini or board shorts: Why did you even make this a question Mike?

Worst movie ever: Dennis the Meanace

Favorite kind of cookie: The yummy ones

Best commercial: "Is the pen mightier that the sword?" *Ninja does awesome moves while man watches*  *Fed-ex guy shows up and gives man small box* *Man signs the waver thingy* *Fed-ex guy walks away and man and pulls taser out of box* *Shoots ninja with taser* "The pen IS mightier than the sword" :)

A word or phrase you say a lot: Epic

I can’t live without: Jesus, skateboarding, Codebearers.

Do you take vitamins: No

Do you floss: No

How many hair products do you use: 1 1/2

Meanest thing you ever did to your sibling: Shall I never tell >:)

Believe in UFOs: Well, I can see a frisbee flying by and it not be 'Identified' :P

Can you identify constellations: Very few
creamy or crunchy peanut butter: Creamy

Someone you miss: My dad

Believe in the Loch Ness monster: Yup. It's scientifically prooven.

Believe in Big Foot: Iffy
which would you pick, an extra 50$ a week or a three day weekend: Both

Any pets: Yup.

Museum of art or history: Art

Train, plane, or automobile: Plane

I wish my hair: Would say in place more often

Best amusement park ride: Gravitron

Best little kid movie: Surf's Up

Favorite picture book: Skippy Jon Jones.

Apples or oranges: Oranges

Chocolate milk, soy milk or rice milk: Choco
hot dog or hamburger: Ham

I wish someone would invent: An iPad under 5 bucks

White or wheat bread: White

Best era for fashion: ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, or now: 70's and now

How many hours per day online: 1-3

How many hours per day on phone: 0-15 minutes

Just say no to: Bills in the mail

Flip flops or strappy sandals: Bare feet

Best food comes from what country: Wherever Mountain Dew Voltage comes from

Run away from home when you were little: I wish

Whats scarier, snakes or sharks: None of the above

What are you not good at: School

Friend you’ve had the longest: Cole Donaldson (?)

Friend who lives the farthest from you: Cole Donaldson, Mike

How many hoursper day watching tv: 0

Which would you give up, email or cell phone: E-mail, I don't have it.

What toothpaste do you use: Tom's zippity bing bang or something like that. :P

Shop alone, shop with mom, shop with friends: All three

Best type of cake: That really good one.

I love the smell of: Axe and coffee

How do you like popcorn: The works, whatever that means.

Favorite magazine: Transworld or Make:

Asprin, Aceteminifin, Ibuprofen, or tough it out: I can handle pain until it hurts

 What did you do last night: When was that?

Manicure or do-it-yourself nails: Neither

Favorite comfort food: Mountain Dew Voltage

High fashion or totally casual: Little of both

Kill bugs or try to save them: KILL DEM BLUDSUCKERS!!!!

Best friend in Kindergarten: Didn't go to kidnergarden.

I can’t bear the sound of: My dog whining

What is your favorite thing to do on the playground: Stand on top of the highest point in the park. By this I mean climing on top of those dome thingys that are like 50 feet in the air.

I would love to see: Friends from CodeB

I would love to time-travel back to see: Many things

I would love to time travel forward to see: Do we get hoverboards?

Can you change a tire: Yup.

Swallow anything by accident as a kid: Nope. But I did use to suck on pennies and my toes. =P

Romantic dinner for two, or big party: Party

Favorite take-out food: Little caesars

I can’t stand the smell of: Poop

Favorite smoothie: Don't have one.

Ever tried dog or cat food: I think so.

Hair color: Blonde

Contacts, glasses, or great vision: Great vision

Favorite game as a kid: Soccer

Salty or sweet: Sweet

I can’t wait until I can: Meet Jesus

Lone ranger or team player: *Cue theme song* "The Lone Ranger!" =P

Do you try ot find shapes in clouds: Not really

Details or big picture: Details

What are you good at: Skateboarding, typing, eating...

Favorite accessory: For what?

Appointment for color, or dye your own hair: Why would I color my hair?

I love to listen to: Hard rock: Thousand Foot Krutch,  RED, Relient K, Kutless, Hawk Nelson, and Newworldson when I'm not in a rock mood.

Coolest thing you learned this week: That if you take those little communion cups and crack them while 'snapping' your neck it sound really authentic, and you can freak people out. >:D

Tap, bottled, or sparkling water: bottled

Small talk, or deep conversations: Small

Pilot or navigator: Pilot

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint chip

Favorite writer: If I said anybody besides the Miller Bros, I would be kicked off the site.

Have you ever re-gifted: Yup

Toilet papered, or toilet paperer: TPer

Favorite hot beverage: White chocoalte mocha

Time: drags, or goes too quickly: Both, but more on the drag.

Most influential person in your life: Jesus

Who would you be in a castle: queen, princess, knight, or jester: Jester :P

What do you daydream about: Many things

Meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan: Meat

Habit you wish you could change: Who said I had a bad habit?

Best type of movie: romance, comedy, scary, action, or sci-fi: All exept scary. Who likes getting scared?

Any advice for a 5-year old: Don't talk to strangers

Reality show or sitcom: RS

Birthday: Februay 16th

Bagel, doughnut, croissant, or cinnamon roll: Doughnut

Morning person, or night person: Night owl

Favorite forest animal: sqirrel :P

Do you have a birthmark: Nope

Store bought or homemade: Store

I don’t understand: Math

Who would you be on a movie set: director, star, supporting star, or set designer: Star

What food/beverage do you get at the movies: Popcorn

Favorite color for a car: Blue or white

Do you make your bed every morning: No

Favorite costume you’ve ever worn: Evil scientist

Are you always up-to-date on current news: No

Waffle cone, sugar cone, or cup: Waffle cone

Which is worse, no TV or no music: Music

Small purse, or giant bag: Wallet :P

Favorite fairy tale: Don't have one

Ever had an imaginary friend: Joe Reisman

Can different foods touch each other on your plate: No

Best jungle animal: Monkey

Do you sit: up front, or in the back: Back

Favorite toy when you were a kid: Skateboard

Which is worse, shopping for jeans, or shopping for a swimsuit: Jeans

Favorite season and why: Summer

Do you read the ending before you finish a book: Never!

Best brand of jeans: I don't like jeans

Island cabana, European castle, safari tent, or ski lodge: Lodge

Favorite color combonations: Too many

Sunset or sunrise: Sunset

Favorite number: 2, 22, 222...

Ever needed stitches: Nope

My favorite shoes are: Black Adio skate, or blue converse

Right handed, left handed, or ambidexterous: Right

How many children would you like someday: 2 or 3

Tent or cabin: Both

What scared you as a kid: Frankencelery from Veggie Tales

For just a day, I would switch places with: Hawk Nelson

Been in a talent show? What was your talent: AWANA,Unicycling

Go with the flow, or stick to a routine: Go with the flow

Coolest first name: Ed

Polka dots, stripes, plaid, or paisley: Plaid

Coolest last name: ?

Paper or plastic: Plastic

Can you draw well: No

Brownies, or chocolate chip cookies: Brownies

I will not eat: Cat poop

Gold or silver: Silver

Favorite hang-out: My room, skate park

How many times have you moved in your life: 3

As a kid, stuffed animal or blankie: Blanket

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Sleep in, skate park

What color is your bedroom: White

Mild or spicy: Mild

What would be hard to give up: iPod, Codebearers, skating

Cutest thing your pet does: Sleep on your towel while your taking a shower

Shower or bath: Shower

I have a problem with: people tripping me, as I am easily trippableTags:

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Comment by Explorerdude on December 8, 2011 at 1:01pm



Yeah, my horse sleeps on my towel when I take a shower. Cat.

Comment by 117 on December 8, 2011 at 12:02pm

Chewing on toenails is gross? Yeah, probably, but it helped sharpen my teeth.


Geese...  Is Roxy a horse or a cat? Or a dog?

Comment by Explorerdude on December 8, 2011 at 10:05am

Coffee is epic


So is that


Takes too long.


Now THAT is gross.


I did that to my mom last night. She was like "Oh my gosh!"  it was awesome.


Geese, Roxy the fatso didn't ever do anything to you. They also like running water, two of them drool on you when you pet them, and the same one that sleeps on my towel sleeps on my back every stinkin night.

Comment by 117 on December 6, 2011 at 9:08pm

Coffee or tea: COFFFFAAYYY!!!!


Good boy, Ed!


Best commercial: "Is the pen mightier that the sword?" *Ninja does awesome moves while man watches*  *Fed-ex guy shows up and gives man small box* *Man signs the waver thingy* *Fed-ex guy walks away and man and pulls taser out of box* *Shoots ninja with taser* "The pen IS mightier than the sword" :)


I've seen that.


Do you floss: No


D= ?!!


Swallow anything by accident as a kid: Nope. But I did use to suck on pennies and my toes. =P


I sucked on my totes too. I also chewed my toenails.... :P


Coolest thing you learned this week: That if you take those little communion cups and crack them while 'snapping' your neck it sound really authentic, and you can freak people out. >:D


Tsk tsk


Cutest thing your pet does: Sleep on your towel while your taking a shower



Comment by Explorerdude on December 5, 2011 at 12:52pm

It's re- edited people, so read it again!

Comment by Explorerdude on August 13, 2011 at 1:18pm


Comment by 117 on August 12, 2011 at 10:24pm
Well done, Ed! You have done it! That made me laugh several times. =P
Comment by Explorerdude on August 12, 2011 at 7:56pm
Sorry that it's black! It wouldn't let me change it.

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