Me: Hello people! This is my birthday post! I’m going to make it like one of Silvermoon’s awesome posts XD

Hawk: *eyes get big* can I have cake?

Me: *laughs and hugs Hawk* your soooo cute!! Of course you can!

Nathan: …you spoil him too much.

Me: Nonsense. *takes Hawk’s hand and leads him to snack table*

Hawk: *winks and sticks tongue out at Nathan*

Nathan: … smart little kids… they are so annoying.

Lexie: Where’s the birthday girl?! Me and Than are here and ready to party!

Nathan: Oh hey.

Than: … Hi….

Megan: *rolls eyes* don’t forget your friends here

Lexie: Oh! Sorry!

Me: *comes back* Hey! Glad you guys could come! ^^

Natalie: Happy Birthday!

Me: *blush* aw shucks

Caleb: … hey Mina…

Me: *looks Caleb over* Going to play nice?

Caleb: …

Trint: *elbows Caleb is stomach*

Caleb: *Gasp!* Y-yes.

Me: *smiles* Good. I forgive you for last time.

Caleb: *Smiles painfully and mutters* If it wasn’t your birthday…

Trint: *steps on Caleb’s foot* Mina, you really need to stop making enemies with your characters.

Me: *smirks* Just the way I am… *GASPS and runs over to door* Sheen! You came!

Sheen: *blushes slightly* … yeah… it was your birthday sooo….

Me: Thanks for coming! I haven’t seen you since you left for a while.

Sheen: Yeah, I needed a break on my own for a while.

Me: Well I’m just glad you’re here. I have tons of new characters now. *waves hand around*

Sheen: *spots Nathan* Why is he still here?

Me: Uh well…

Sheen: *walks over to Nathan* I hear you’ve been teasing Mina.

Nathan: *shrugs*So?

Sheen: *grabs Nathan by his scruff of his shirt* You may be taller and older than me… but I can still kill you.

Lexie: … um can we not have killing today?

Sheen: Fine then, we’ll do it tomorrow.

Nathan: *rolls eyes* whatever squirt

Sheen: *twitches* what did you just call me?

Me: Oh dear…

Megan: Yes! A fight! To the death!

Lexie: *looks horrified* T-to the d-death?

Trint: *shrugs* sure why not?

Miya: How can you guys be so calm??

Caleb: It’s a man’s honor to die bravely.

Me: …you call stupidity bravery?

Nathan: I don’t have time for any small fry *starts to leave*

Sheen: *Roars in anger and attacks Nathan with sword*

Nathan: *blocks with ice* is that all you can do?

Sacha: … um… Happy Birthday?

Me: Ah, thanks…. This always happens…

Sacha: oh…

Sheen: You will die! Die! Die! Die! *attacks again and again*

Nathan: *sweat drops and blocks attacks*

Megan: … whoa… he’s lost it.

Me: *face palm* Totally…

Kern: *appears* Happy Birthday Mina. *plays with my hair*

Me: *screams and hids behind Sacha*

Sacha: Whoa! Where did you…?

Everyone: *stops what they’re doing and looks at Kern*

Kern: *smiles wicked* whats wrong?

Me: G-go home. It’s my birthday

Kern: *sighs* I was only going to say happy birthday and give you a birthday gift.

Ranaveer: Ha! I wouldn’t trust you if even if you saved my life!

Hawk: *face full of cake* You can give it to me!

Kern: *takes out necklace from cloak* I doubt it would work for you Hawk

Me: *eyes go big* Sh-shiny!

Ranaveer: *snatches from Kern and looks at it closely* …maybe it really is just a necklace…

Kern: *rolls eyes* no one trusts me these days.

Ranaveer: *throws necklace out window* but just to be sure.

Kern: HEY!

Seth: *walks over to me* Maybe we should do something to calm things down

Me: *nods* Ladys and Gents! Please choose your fights. Kern VS Ranaveer or Sheen VS Nathan!

Seth: … that’s not calm

Me: Nope! It’s entertaining!

Than: *walks over to me* Seth is right. I’m going to calm things down now.

Me: But…

Than: *eyes go glowing yellow* QUIET OR I’LL INCINERATE YOU ALL! *Voice dark and loud*

Nathan: *smirks* is that a challenge?

Seth: *face palm* this is only getting worse

Me: *smiles* its ok. It’s fairly entertaining actually.

Lexie: Well uhh…

Me: I need to end this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME XD and may the rest of you have a very happy unbirthday! 

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Comment by Amara Tanith on June 27, 2012 at 10:59am

I cant belive im saying this, but i think my characters behave better than yours (lol)

Tharadryn: Party!!!! Im getting pop for everyone

Me: NO!!!!!!!!

Heatron: Amara whats wrong with you today???? Pop is perfectly fine

Me: Dont you remember what happened last time i gave you pop???

Leoson: Heh heh, turns out griffins and pop arnt the best mix

Me: Not when you give a griffin 12 cans!!!

Saphridom: Have you payed for the damages yet?

Me: No, it'll take alot nore babysitting jobs to repair the hole in the wall *glares at Nimorith*

Athriad: Dont be mad at him, Heatron gave him the pop

Me: right *glares at Heatron*

Heatron: Ok i get it, no more pop *throws pop out window*

Me: NO!!!!!

Heatron: What???

Me: *facepalms* I think you forgot that griffins can fly

*Nimorith swoops outside and catches the case of pop*

Me: Oh no, uh i better go

Comment by Silver Phoenix on June 26, 2012 at 3:08pm

Naem: She stole!! She stole our idea!! How dare you! That's called stealing! It's against the law! I should sue-

Sage: *grabs Naem in a headlock and covers his mouth* Chill.

Naem: Mmphurmwkirfmphr

Zeth: *rolls eyes* Relax Naem, I don't think Nessa cares too much.

Me: Nope I don't really mind. *smiles* Maybe I should have Sage do that more often...I hate to say this but you can let him go now.

Sage: *releases Naem*

Naem: B-b-b-but, Mina took the idea from you!

Me: So? It's called borrowing and I'm fine with it.

Zeth: Hey, she mentioned Silver at the top ok? Stop over reacting.

Comment by BladeAngel on June 15, 2012 at 6:53pm

Hawk is so cool and Ranaveer too!
Comment by Mina on June 15, 2012 at 4:16pm
I guess I do...
Comment by Tanwen on June 15, 2012 at 3:58pm

That was awesome, Mina! 

You have such an imagination. 

Comment by Mina on June 15, 2012 at 11:38am my head... Wait until I can finally have my friend party XD

Comment by Bladebearer on June 15, 2012 at 11:37am

whoa! seems like you had an interesting birthday.

Comment by Karnivore on June 14, 2012 at 5:16pm

yep. he just sounds adorable.

Comment by Mina on June 14, 2012 at 5:09pm


Comment by Karnivore on June 14, 2012 at 5:06pm

Hawk is so funny. :)

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