I love to write and tell stories

 so over the last couple of years i've been      writing different   stories ,I don't stay on one    story for long  I end up writing a different one and not finishing the stories i'm working on. 

Titles of my stories ↓They are not in the order  I started writing them.

Where the rain takes you. 

The girl in a hood.

The hippo and the frog.

The boy who became a cloud.

The power of a sword

The boy with eye's like a sea

What happened to Emily 

The little polar bear

The secret lives of J & M

 I have a few more but that should do for now. 

Now If you like a title or want to know a little more about the stories  just comment and let me know and i can answer your questions. I'm kinda doing this to see what titles get the most likes so i can work on finishing the stories with the most title likes so  comment away and ask questions .

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