WHO (Homeschool convention) And guess WHO (:P) I saw there?

Okay, so yesterday, I went to the homeschool convention (as many of you probably have heard about by now) and guess who just happened to be there? THE MILLER BROTHERS! It was like the high light of my month, they (or at least Allan for sure) remembered me from last time:D And I'm serious I just sat at their booth for like 2 hours talking to them, it was so fun! Allan also told me that the new series they are working on, Mech Mice (he said it was kinda like land of the apes, taking place post Armageddon where people really aren't around.) Apparently, someone is trying to pitch the story line to Nickelodeon and get it turned into a TV series! They also had some awesome new GOLD medallions which I  (of course) bought one without hesitation. I also got the only poster I didn't have yet.

The Miller Brothers also had this awesome game to play while we were there, while we were around the convention, they would send us texted riddles and we had to find what they were talking about, take a picture of it, and send it back to the Miller brothers. For each right answer we got, our name was put in a drawing for a free something off their table! I didn't win, but it was still fun just to play the game. They are still there today (Saturday 6/18/11) so if you can get to the Puyallup fairm you should totally go there.

 It was so cool to hear how far they have come. Two years ago, I was introduced to Codebearers through this convention, and they had just gotten pre-order up for book two. What a long way they've come, IT WAS AWESOME! Oh...but I think they think my real name is Lexi, for all you curious, that's my nickname, my real name is Alexis;P I'm cool with it though, that's what my Mom calls me...unless I'm in trouble...

Another cool thing their was the Voice of the martyrs booth, it really such a good cause, and they have a bunch of stuff Christians should really look at, after all, martyrdom is a part of being a Christian, and I think it is a good idea to take care of those who Christ has laid it on their heart to forget the ways of the world (basically their whole world, being that these countries are VERY strictly Muslim.) and if you can't contribute to their booth, really just contribute your prayers, look into what is going in these countries and pray for them. I mean really? Is it that hard to come out of your little world for a while and think like Christ in His selflessness? If you asked anything of him, he would give it to you without hesitation  (and did and still does.)

They also had a ton of books, I bought a few of the lamplighter series, really good moral lessons in these old Christian books:) They also have a lifetime guarantee, so if anything happens to them, you can just contact the company and they'll give you a new one in exchange for the old.

LAstly, if you're into making survival kits that fit in Altoid cans, then they've got just the place for you, with tins of 25 cent items like mini viles, test tubes, etc.

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Comment by Lexi on June 27, 2011 at 4:48pm
Sweetness! I went on Friday, so the first day, but they are the best series like ever! Not even exaggerating!
Comment by TRA on June 26, 2011 at 10:28am
Hey! That's so cool! I was at the WHO convention too, but I went on the last day. This is actually where I learned about the Codebearer books, and met the Miller Brothers...

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