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At 9:40am on March 26, 2018, Sabrina said…

Yeah, I don't think it's cross platform. It stinks, but a lot of games are like that. I'm sure there's a game that we can play together. I really don't know much about Terraria. but if it's an online multiplayer game I'm pretty sure I could learn it quickly and we could try that :D

At 9:10am on March 26, 2018, Sabrina said…

I've heard of both games and I think my older brother has played them, but I have yet to. You know how it is. SO many games so little time to actually spend on playing games. I really wanna play Fortnight! But I would be playing it on my brother's PS4 and I stink with a controller. Guess I've been a pc gamer for too long XD

At 7:05pm on March 25, 2018, Sabrina said…

Hey :) So what kind of games do you like ta play? (Also there's a steam group here if you're interested in joining.)

At 9:21pm on March 24, 2018, Sabrina said…

Hi I'm Sabrina aka a lot of other names that I've been at some point. XD  Jessi kept telling me some of the video games you play and telling you some of the video games I play. I figured it'd just be easier if we talked ourselves.We could talk over cb or steam whichever ya want. (That is, if you're interested in talking to me :D )

At 4:29pm on February 26, 2017, firewhiz said…


At 3:47pm on February 25, 2017, Paige Turner said…

Hey! My name's classified, but you can call me Paige! :)

At 5:51am on February 25, 2017, J.R. said…

Hiya, Chris! :D Welcome to Codebearers!

At 8:20pm on February 24, 2017, Bladebearer said…

Hi! Welcome to Codebearers!

To ensure that your Codebearers experience is the best it can possibly be, we (the mods) recommend that you check out our rules at: If you also plan to submit groups anytime, make sure you also check this link out: As well as, when and if you
wish to submit threads, to please consider whether they are threads or not (threads
are discussion topics.) Please also take into consideration where you put the threads. The forums are designed with special areas for certain threads, please look at these.

We are all pleased to have a new member and would love for you to drop us a line:D



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