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At 4:48pm on May 31, 2017, Irene Starr said…

Hey! How are you? :)

At 9:27pm on December 24, 2016, Sabrina said…

Hi. Sorry for not introducing myself yet or welcoming you to the site, but you know how crazy life can be around the holidays especially Christmas.

Anyways, I'm Sabrina. Nice to meet you and merry Christmas!

At 7:13pm on December 21, 2016, Irene Starr said…

Cool! Siberian huskies are really pretty. :) I have a dog, too. He's a German shepherd. His picture's on my profile page, in case you haven't seen it yet. ;)

Lol. That's all right. I don't write too much either. That is, I don't write much that I can post. I write all the time, most of it not super great. Also, since I usually work on novels, I don't have much I could post in the first place! XD

At 4:07pm on December 21, 2016, Irene Starr said…

If you have a dog, you could do its picture. Or, if you have a really awesome scenery picture, you could do that. You could even do a favorite movie character. Really, you could do almost anything. :)

In my writers group, we usually do post short stories (mainly because novels take too long XD). Poetry's also welcome. Me personally, I aspire to write full-length novels. Though, starting last year I've sort of made a tradition of me writing a Christmas story every year.

At 3:47pm on December 21, 2016, Irene Starr said…

Lol. I looooove acting too! :) It's so fun, and my homeschool plays are the. Best. EVER! :)

Okay. :) Well, if you go to Settings, you can change your name (if you want, whenever you want), and you can change your profile pic to a different picture. Sorry if that made no sense. If you have any questions, just let me know! :)

At 3:29pm on December 21, 2016, Irene Starr said…

Do you like acting?

Also, have you figured out how to customize your page and all that yet?

At 3:28pm on December 21, 2016, Irene Starr said…

Yeah, I got it. :) No, there's not a way of tagging people on here. The only way someone knows that you commented them is if they're set up to get email notifications.  

At 8:41am on December 19, 2016, Misty Illusion said…

Hey, welcome to Codebearers!!! I am either Misty Illusion or Kingdom_Warrior. :) When I first started I put up a little blog post about myself, to let others know a bit more about me, if you want to do that! :)

P. S. Beware of Hope!

At 1:54pm on December 13, 2016, Irene Starr said…

Yes, I am. :) Do you have a hyper younger brother named Grant? Are you part of a homeschool group, and a senior drama troupe within the homeschool group? I'm sorry if my questions seem nosy...*sheepish grin* I just think it's cool that your name is Grace and that your homeschooled, since I'm friends with a homeschooled girl named Grace. I also think it would be really funny and awesome if you were her! :)

At 7:41am on December 12, 2016, Irene Starr said…

Just curious...Are you homeschooled? I have a friend in my homeschool group who's name is Grace, so...yeah. :)

At 9:19am on December 4, 2016, DatGlutenFReeChef said…

Of course! Here's a link to the writing group.

 The CB Writers' Group

And here's a link the The Bookshop, a discussion forum where people post stories as well!

Discussion Forum - Codebearers

At 7:35am on December 4, 2016, DatGlutenFReeChef said…

Don't worry, we have few "really good writers" on the site. XD Were all amatuers, really. Except for BLADE. SHE'S THE REAL DEAL. 

At 10:54am on December 2, 2016, DatGlutenFReeChef said…

Yeah. We just had, like, seven new members just make accounts, but not use them.

Well, writing is quite popular on CB. There's a writing group that has writing competitions every once in a while, and everyone loves a good story! :D

There's also an art group, though it's less popular. 

And there's also a group that does, like, graphics and photoshop stuff. *le shrug*

Of course, in reality, you can post whatever the heck you want! ^-^

At 10:17am on December 1, 2016, DatGlutenFReeChef said…


I was actually rather surprised to find that you commented back. Most new users just make acounts and then never actually use the site! I'm excited to have a new member of the community! :D

At 9:12am on December 1, 2016, DatGlutenFReeChef said…

Hello! Welcome to CB! :D

At 6:47am on December 1, 2016, Irene Starr said…

Hiya! Welcome to Codebearers! :D

I'm Jessi, but you can call me whatever you want!

P.S. I like your name. :)

At 6:37am on December 1, 2016, Bladebearer said…

Hi! Welcome to Codebearers!

To ensure that your Codebearers experience is the best it can possibly be, we (the mods) recommend that you check out our rules at: If you also plan to submit groups anytime, make sure you also check this link out: As well as, when and if you
wish to submit threads, to please consider whether they are threads or not (threads
are discussion topics.) Please also take into consideration where you put the threads. The forums are designed with special areas for certain threads, please look at these.

We are all pleased to have a new member and would love for you to drop us a line:D



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