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At 8:03pm on June 11, 2019, Melody said…

wwwwooooowwwww you totally are XD But it's okay cause I'm not the best at responding either.

I'm okay, I guess. My tonsils hurt a lot now and again, but I'm getting them out next month. School went well. I can't remember if I told you, but I'm a CCP student at a community college and I just finished my first semester. I got a letter the other day congratulating me on making the dean's list. ^~^

Cool! That sounds like a perfect series to read for inspiration for the series I'm trying to write!( along with the tales of Goldstone woods of course, which is the book seires heartless came from. I've read two more in the series since last we talked and they were both great! Heartless and the third book in the series, Moonblood, are tied for my favorite)

Same here! I don't think I could pick between the two. Although I happen to read more books for the first time than I reread books...

Hahahaha XD sorry, I don't mean to laugh in a bad way, the way you described her reactions to you just sound humorous. Tiny humans are weird, aren't they? (She's like six months now, right? That still classifies her as a tiny human. One day she'll be a small human XP) I don't think she'll have an opinion of you for at least another year or so (But i have zero experience with tiny human so what do I know)

Oh! And did you hear? Lego ninjago ended and it's on Neflix now. (I dunno if it's all on netflix or not) I just haven't worked up the courage to watch it :/

At 7:11am on March 6, 2019, Melody said…

Sorry bout the long wait. Seems like I never actually get around to the stuff I want to do :P

(I'm kinda getting sleep now, but I think it's the getting up at 5:30 that is keeping me tired)

They are some really great mystery books. It's actually been awhile since I read one myself. I don't do much reading during the school year anymore. They were really interesting! But some of them started out really slow. (They have a lot of star trek and star wars books. We only have the old ones tho, but I really like them. I can only guess what the new books are like. I'm just sad they retconned the old books :( ) You totally should! If you like sci-fi that is. I absolutely love sci-fi! I like fantasy too just not as much as sci-fi. I have my older brother, Cypher, to thank for that probably XP

Those sound interesting! (I think I have heard of the Wingfeather saga before....) Can you tell me a little about them? Like, maybe just type up the blurb from the back of one of the books XD (Totally! I love rereading books! But I also really like reading new books. I wonder which I like better... *stares of into the distance thinking*)

Noted. And btw, I have people in another class calling me pineapple XD Maybe i should stop wearing the hat.

Oh man, the stories I could tell. Recently all she has done is double or triple wrap stuff. or she does the wrapped box inside a wrapped box in side a wrapped box gag. But there was this one Christmas where my little brother got this one big present because he wanted a container thingy to store stuff and D wrapped all his presents, put them in the container, and wrapped the container. So everyone else has like eight or so presents (depending on whether or not blade went present crazy or not again. Let me tell you, never have I not wanted a lot of presents, but she REALLY went overboard the first couple years when she had a full time, good paying job) Anyways, we had a good number of presents and my lil bro only had one. He was a tad sad/disappointed, but he played it off okayish. He opened that one present and the look on his face was a amusing mixture of confusion and joy. XD (And then there was that one time Cypher did a double wrap and a box in a box wrap for the same present, but he forgot to put the present in the box! XD)

I need to find where all my socks went... Coolio! I look forward to seeing the pic! I like tinkerbell too. Sorry, but no. (I bet it was a fun game tho (: ) I didn't use a computer much until a couple years ago and by then Cypher had me uber into these certain mass online multiplayer games he played at the time. I really liked them but I'm trying to give on playing them because I think I was/am addicted and they kinda left me with a empty feeling at the end of the day because I didn't do anything productive :/

Lol! XD I can see how that is a problem. The bedroom walls are kinda full of posters or there's stuff against em. If I cleaned up I could find a spot, but I gotta find the time to clean up first. I'm not really at home much. I'm on campus four or five days a week and then when I'm at home I'm catching up on sleep.

I absolutely LOVE trigonometry! It just makes sssooooo much sense! It's my favorite class this semester. Thanks, I just hope I can actually get it done this year. And I may end up taking a summer class so you may not get as many bored messages as I'd like to send you. :/

I hope you actually mean schoolwork, food, showers, and sleep XD It's been the same for me too for the most part. I get maybe a slow week and then a blurry month XP (I hope it gets better for you too!) Awesome! That is so cool and Abigail is a great name! So are you gonna be the fun Aunt Emily and give her all the cookies she shouldn't have (that you guys made together) and listen to her talk about her boy troubles when she gets older or are you gonna be the aunt that's still fun, but more responsible than the first one XD (I hone

At 6:48am on January 31, 2019, Melody said…

(Sorry bout my bad grammar and punctuation. I have too many late nights this semester so I am still half asleep rn, but I didn't want to put off replying any longer)

Thanks and you're welcome! ^~^ I had a lot of fun writing it

I think I am finally used to the braces being in my mouth. And i am used to sore teeth so it's not so bad anymore.

The one I read was awesome! It started out really slow, but I am glad I stuck it through. (The codebearers trilogy (obviously XD) I like Nancy drew mystery books, I really like this one star trek book "the valiant" and I think the old star wars books are amazing! Especially "I Jedi". loved that one. And then there's the blackwell pages trilogy. Oh! And that book I got for Christmas. I think it was called heartless. It was REALLY good. What are some of your favorites?)

Thanks. I thought it was actually just a silly origin story. XD Yuppers! Pineapples are delicious! Do you like pineapples?

That sounds like a good Christmas :) (XD that does sound like fun! It reminds me of all the trick wrapping Destroyer has done. XD)

New soft socks are the best! (Those sound ssssooooooo cute! I dunno about you, but I love getting cute socks ) Those sound like cute slippers. You'll have to send me a picture sometime :) (I'm guessing you like tinkerbell?)

(That sounds so cool!! I love Christmas lights. A few years ago I got this string of the nice big lights. I like them. I just don't have a safe place to hang them rn)

You're welcome :)

Fast paced. Class keep on coming. Keep learning new things basically everyday. Always more than just one new thing. It's overwhelming at times, but God has got me covered. No major freakouts or breakouts so I think this semester is going well. However, I need to be getting my tonsils out. And I can't do that until summer :/ You'll probably be getting a lot of bored messages from me around then (unless I have to be on pain medication because then I will likely be sleeping XD)

How has life been for you? Anything new and crazy happen?

At 9:04pm on December 28, 2018, Melody said…

It will fit! Awesome! I'll post it and if you'll please delete after you have read it that would be great and I would really appreciate it

At 9:00pm on December 28, 2018, Melody said…


They are feeling better already! I am still having some trouble chewing because my teeth hurt some when I chew, but at least it's no longer just plain hurting all the time ^~^

Insanely good timing!

(Still miss TTUG though. He couldn't make it home this year. For the first time ever... I think he and dad had a disagreement and aren't really talking. Would you mind praying for them to make up with each other?) They really liked them! Or so I think. I was really excited for Cypher to get a book I gave him (which I had already read and it is amazing!) and for the star trek combadge D got him. He really liked them both. And I got seven books! Seven! Seven very thick, small printed books! That's a week worth of full days of reading! And my parents got me a rolling backpack so I don't have to carry my uber heavy hand-me-down-falling-apart-at-the-seams backpack all around campus! It was really nice of them! I also got a pineapple nightlight, pineapple socks, and two different pineapple T-shirts. (They started giving me pineapple stuff after one of my instructors dubbed me "Pineapple" and I start wanting to wear pineapple themed stuff. It started out with wearing a hat once in his class and the next thing I know the whole class knows me as pineapple. XD)

How was your Christmas? Give any gifts you were excited for people to get or get anything ya really like? (I would've sent ya a Christmas card but I don't have your address and we're probably not good enough freinds yet to be swapping addresses XD )

That's awesome cause I really like talking to you! I dunno what it is but I just really like it...maybe it's because you're so chill about what we talk about and I feel like I can bring up literally any random topic XD (I know few people I feel like I can do that with and half of them are my internet friends (who I want to meet in real life someday because I probably spend way too much time on the internet, well, too much of my free time on the internet XP)) Do let me know if I get too random or if your ever wanna just drop a subject and feel free to bring things up at random!

(Oh, and I am still hunting for a way to send you that poem... I think I may see if I can fit it in the text box and then just delete after you've read it.)

At 7:24pm on December 24, 2018, Melody said…

No problem. Well, I survived the semester and miraculously pulled out with all As. I got my teeth bling last week and I am looking very christmasy. (And my mouth hurts so much XD ) It's really funny that you should message me. I was just talking about you that day and I was thinking about typing ya up a message XD

Merry Christmas Eve!

I am sorta looking forward to it. The thing I always looked forward to the most was time with the whole family, but that doesn't happened anymore and all our "traditions" aren't what they used to be. I suppose I am looking forward to my sibs opening a few specific presents. (Especially the book ones bc then I can read them when my sibs are done XD)

I would love to talk a lot! I just don't have as much time as I once did... Life got busy unexpectedly -_-

At 12:05pm on November 24, 2018, Melody said…

Oh, and happy late Thanksgiving!

At 11:49am on November 24, 2018, Melody said…

I'd like to talk to you. I just dunno where to start...

There is, but ya can't access the personal message area without a direct link or being a mod. (i have a link, but I'm not really supposed to be sharing it, I think. :/ (Plus I don't remember where I left the link XD))

I know, but it's just really hard some days. And I know there are plenty of people around me who care, but sometimes I can't seem to let them in. I really want to, but I just can't

(I'm sure I've read em before, but I'll give them another read. Thanks for the suggestion :) )

But how can you tell that stuff without asking them such questions? (Also, how can you tell the difference between people avoiding you because a convenient work schedule or they are honestly just busy.)

At 12:00pm on November 15, 2018, Melody said…

Yes it is! It was great! What tops that was what happened at the end of VBS. All the helpers get acknowledged and go up and get a little gift. I went up and got a thunderous applause and mobbed by little kids! It took me a few minutes to get back to my seat XD

I really don't have any other Christians to turn to. Plus I'm uncomfortable talking about my beliefs and I'm already uncomfortable talking to anyone at all XD (A german shepard probably or at least one big dog. I'm not too picky because I would take any fun dog that loves me.) got rather long. I'm not sure it'll fit in the text box. I'm not actually sure I want to put it on the site where anyone could easily find it. Would you mind if I emailed it to you (I would need your email XD) or just turning on moderated comments?


I'm taking college classes now. That's a thing, I guess. I'm really stressed and feel like crying most of the time. College is hard, growing up is the worst, and I feel friendless most of the time. How can you even tell if a person is a friend?

I spend most of my time nowadays doing homework by myself surrounded by people I don't know and the few people I want to get to know are barely around. I have had a few nice conversations when they are around and there's no one else to talk to, but the majority of the time I want to cry. (And Cypher and Blade moved out) Once again, college is hard, going up is the worst, and I feel like I don't have anyone to hang out with.

At 6:20am on October 2, 2018, Melody said…

Lol! I would imagine that'd be weird XD ( I love hugs too! At vbs I gave out what I called "free hugs." A few weeks ago I ran into a little girl from vbs and she ran up to me shouting "free hugs! " needless to say I got a free hug. I was so happy I thought I was gonna cry XD )

God's Word isn't always easy to understand which one of my many many problems. XD I mean there are some things that the Bible lays out for you very plainly and then there's just about everything else. The ritual and ethical laws I find especially confusing. I sometimes wish I could go back to being a kid when I could just believe what my parents told me without question. Growing up stinks, but at least I'm getting closer to owning a dog XD (Thanks for praying for me)

Uuuummmm, from my stand point. No. But just about any show can go from sunshine and rainbows to a stormy sea. (That's what RWBY did. Everything was happy-go-lucky and then they killed off some characters in season three...)

Acoustic and I haven't really made much progress since we last spoke XD VBS was fun even if it was a little overwhelming at times and my worry side got the best of me during the morning/afternoon before we actually went to VBS that evening. Been writing a little poetry, mainly just rhymes that I get in my head. Doing some universe building for a story. Prewriting is what I think it's called. A dash of terribly written fanfics here and there. I haven't actually finished anything yet. I'll probably finish the poem first. I wrote it almost a month ago and I've been letting it sit so that I can come back and make edits so it flows properly. I might send it to ya once it's done.

Thanks! And now I've started another XD One more year after this school year and I'll be free of high school's terror! Then life will probably come run me of with a lawn mower XD

Wow...that's a long time to have braces. Congrats on getting them off! Lol, teeth bling. That's a new way for me to think of them. Thanks for that!

I hope that the retainer hurts less to take out now. Theoretically it should.

That must have been great! (I vaguely remember you saying she got married. I'm glad she married some one awesome. I hope my siblings find awesome people too, but that's not going too well rn XP) (Unimportant side note, Texans are like the best! They're so friendly and usually very nice as a lot of southerns are.)

I think ya got everything. I hope I did too.. I'm really sorry I took so long to reply. (Life has a way of catching ya in it's wake and washing ya down stream) I started a reply a few times. I just never finished XD

At 8:54pm on August 10, 2018, Melody said…

I'm glad you're doing well and that the wedding was good.  My experiences at wedding usually just make me feel awkward. I'm usually like "hello person who knows me and I don't know/remember you or hello person i have never met please stop talking to me cause my introvert side is freaking out" XP

That is a bit of a bummer, but you can still talk to her bc of the wonder of wifi :D Anyways, it's great that your relationship with Jesus has grown! That's always a good thing. I could use someone to help me. I don't know where to start or what to do other than just live as I think the Bible is telling me to. Sometimes I wish God would just come straight out and tell me what I need to be doing. You have any advice for a teen who's probably going through the usual teen stuff? (I actually don't feel that bad other than an occasional mood swing, but I do feel like I'm growing lazy in my relationship with God. It doesn't help that I find it a hard topic to discuss in person with people..)

I'm going to try and explain it in a general nutshell kind of way so I don't start ranting XD

It's basically a magical girl superhero type show with a very diverse cast of characters. The storyline is occasionally predictable and always too fast paced (in my opinion at least) It keeps me laughing and I find the characters relatable. I also have ships. I ship they so hard, but dumb superhero secret identities. We have our main heroine, ladybug aka Marinette dupain-cheng, your average clutzy shcool girl who has a on Adrien Agreste and is super shy around said Adrien which I find cringy at moments, but that may just be me. On to our main hero, Chat noir aka Adrien Agreste. He's been a sheltered kid most his life, not having much contact with outside world  except for his photo shoots that his dad has him do. (His dad is a world famous designer and Arien is a world famous model) Chat Noir has a crush on Ladybug.He's also makes a good deal of puns which I love. I LOVE puns. Besides living their everyday lives. They fight Hawk moth, a supervillain, who uses people's negative emotions to essentially corrupt them giving them superpowers, but it exchange he wants what give Ladybug and Chat noir their superpowers. Those are refered to as Miraculouses. The reason he wants their Miraculous I can't tell you cause spoilers. That's basically it thus far. There's a bit more story too it, but spoilers :D I really like it and I hope you get around to watching it. It might take a few episodes to grow on ya since the eariler ones weren't the best. The early episodes probably had the dumbest villains.

I've been working on some writing. I volunteered at VBS a few weeks ago. I've been just talking with siblings and my internet friends :) and my neighbors. I have fallen in lllooovvveee with playing the guitar. It's very soothing. Although I'm not very good yet. I occasionally still practice piano. I was playing a lot of video games, but i tend to play them in spurts. I'll play a ton one week and then hardly any for a maybe a month. It's weird. I finished another grade! Yay me! I'm doing dual enrollment this fall so I start college class in a week. That's a thing. We're working on our garage roof and I am having a blast! And I'm learning things and stuff which I REALLY like. I also contemplate life sometimes and think about the future. I think I do that too much. I'm working on it... Oh! And I recently had my own full coffee for the first time. I think I like coffee. Overall, it's kinda just meh. I think that's pretty much what I've been up to besides cleaning and bracing myself in anticipation on people moving... What have you been doing since your last comment? (Also, sorry about taking so long to reply. I was sorta doing things and sorta procrastinating. As of yesterday tho I was definitely doing things XP )

At 1:01pm on August 2, 2018, Seth said…

Gmail would be better.

At 10:14am on August 2, 2018, Seth said…

Cool! Lol you wont.

If you can email me at I can give you the character bios, complete final draft of episode 1 and drafts of episodes 2-4.

At 6:58am on August 2, 2018, Seth said…

I have been writing an outline of how the episodes go and the Z turns it into a script, we would then send it to Jessi and she would expand the story. I would need some help expanding the story.

At 8:21pm on August 1, 2018, Seth said…

Hey! Do/would you want to help write the CB podcast? Jessi is taking a break from writing so me and Z could use help. We do this on Google Hangouts (it's on Gmail).

At 10:06pm on July 21, 2018, Melody said…

I see you appear to be succeeding in spending less time on the computer XD

It's no problem. Sad truth is I'm getting used to people dropping on and off the radar.

I'm alright. I've actually been doing stuff. Nothing has been accomplished successfully yet. I'd love ta tell ya what I've been up to, but I should be sleeping, but my brain was doing the thing where it reminds u of all the things u should do but haven't (like reply to u) so I decided to reply so my brain will be quiet and I can't forget to do it later XP (hope that made sense) I'll attempt to leave ya a comment tomorrow about what I've been doing 

In the mean time. How have u been and whatcha been up to? Also have you watched a show called miraculous ladybug? (Sometimes called the tales of ladybug and chat noir)

At 9:24pm on July 8, 2018, akatsuki said…

i'm doing well! i love your httyd x pokemon crossover icon tho :( it's so cute!

At 12:06am on July 8, 2018, akatsuki said…

hey! nice to meet you, i'm akatsuki ^-^

At 7:15pm on January 10, 2018, Melody said…

Happy new year btw 

At 7:14pm on January 10, 2018, Melody said…

(Lol, It's no problem. I have the same issue XP )

I'm getting over a flu bug and so are the majority of my siblings. (Dumb flu bug had to hit us at the beginning of the first snow of the year. It was a really good one too! And I totally missed playing in it!) We're all trying to adjust to having to go to school again. A little sick and kinda grumpy overall, but at least we're here. 

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