So I'm testing out a new kind of writing for me and find it quite fun!

Hope you enjoy it!


Kern. (The green in his hair would be red)

Ranaveer (He'd look older)

Haven (with blue eyes)

Teaser (one of those back things)

This is my story that is almost true. 

When I get sucked up into one of my books I learn a writer hold a lot more power then I thought. It seems everyone wants me to tweak the book just a little bit in their favour and I quickly learn that if I want allies I'm going to have a tough time finding them.

Hope you enjoy it! I can't promise that I know what I'm doing though XP

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alright, so I started on the next chapter of this book! :) its a bit tricky to write because some of it is in a language I am currently making. 

koo mako E orilo yeep ( It should be finished soon)

Chapter 2

Ranaveer laughed softly. “You gave me the ability to run that fast.”

I blinked feeling a bit confused. “So this is my book?”

He nodded pointing at the gorgeous mountain range surrounding us. “You created everything here.”

“D-did I?” I whispered.

Ranaveer noticed my confusion “You’re a writer who writes sub-consciously right?”

I thought about it. “Yeah I guess so. I don’t really know what’s going to happen in my books until it happens most of the time… but shouldn’t I be able to control things here?” I wondered, trying to imagine a tree next to me growing, but nothing happened.

He ran a hand through his hair. “If I remember you have to write in the actual book.”

I sighed. “Oh… that’s back home though…”

He nodded. “Well yes, but rumors say that there is a copy around here somewhere.”

I shrugged. “Well I’d prefer if I could get home.”

Ranaveer bit his lip. “I don’t think you can…” He whispered.

“W-what?” I asked.

Ranaveer looked away. “I don’t think you can get out until the story’s over.”

I backed away and leaned against a tree. “But… everyone will be so concerned… do you think the time is the same as here?”

Ranaveer kicked his boot into the soft dirt. “It’ll be the time it takes to write.”

This reality hit me hard. The thought my family would find my lifeless core back at home. They would be horrified and I probably had doctors looking over me right now. I suddenly felt sick and threw up behind the tree. Ranaveer looked concerned. “It’ll be alright. I’m sure we’ll figure something out.”

Shakily I stood and Ranaveer helped me up. “I’ll take you to my family’s home.” He said.

He picked me up in his arms and we flew like the wind everything flashing quickly past us. So fast it didn’t seem real. He sat me down at the end of the tree line and we overlooked a little valley covered in little houses. I gasped in awe.

Ranaveer closed his eyes and took a deep breath of the extremely fresh air. “home.” He whispered taking my hand and walking me down the hill.

The village had hardly a dozen homes, but everyone looked happy. Small children chased each other through the dirt streets playing strange games and speaking an entirely different language.

“Ranaveer!” One shouted. They ran over and started bouncing and chattering. “Ser calo! Mi lotho ser Gira?”

Ranaveer laughed scuffling one’s hair. “Poe Gira lotho Teia.”

“You have another language?” I asked curiously.

Ranaveer nodded and one of the children looked at me curiously. “Ser mooli.”

I blushed unsure of what he said. Ranaveer scolded the boy. “Ali kee shim mooli! Ali kee bala foro.”

The boy looked at his feet. “Breeso.”

Ranaveer looked back to me. “Sorry about that. Most people here don’t speak your language.”

“Oh.” Was all I could think to say.

One little girl blushed. “Ser Moto re wato.”

Ranaveer smiled softly. “She thinks you look like the sun.”

I blushed.

“They’ve never seen someone with blonde hair before.” He said.

“No?” I asked curiously.

Ranaveer nodded. “They just don’t exist here.”

“Weird…” I murmured.

“Yoki” Ranaveer said waving as he led me away. I waved to the children and they all chorus cute little goodbyes. “Yoki!”

“Maybe you can teach me some.” I said delighted at the cute language.

Ranaveer nodded. “Sure.”

He took me down to a small house and opened the door. Immediately he was clobbered by three children. Two were girls who looked about nine or ten years old and were identical twins with soft brown hair. The last child was a boy who took my breath away. He had blonde hair, soft blue eyes and he looked only seven or eight years old, but he looked brilliant. There was something about him that made him seem like he knew all… knew too much…

“I-I thought kids couldn’t have blonde hair.” I told Ranaveer.

He raised a brow. “What are you talking about?”

I looked surprised. “Your brother, he has blonde hair.”

Ranaveer chuckled shaking his head as if he didn’t believe me. “He has black hair see?”

I looked at the boy but he still had blonde hair. He smiled softly at me as if he knew.

Ranaveer shrugged it off. “These are my sister. Sweetheart and lovedove.”

Yes they had adorable names that were kinda weird, but that was the culture there now shush! You were so quiet for a while.

“And my little brother Haven.” He said patting the small boys back. The boys eyes bore into  my soul and I tried not to look freaked out.

A large woman walked over to the door. “Rani! Ser Jira!” She paused looking me up and down. “Oh? Ser Kila?” she asked.

Ranaveer’s face went red. “S-shi! Shi Halu!”

The children all started to laugh and I felt confused. One of the twins whispered in my ear. “My mama thinks your Ranaveer’s girlfriend.”

My face went red as well.

Ranaveer explained things, leaving out that I was a writer and his mother seemed delighted. I was invited to a large meal that was already set out on the table. The two twins set me a spot and we gathered around the table. I quickly learned that Ranaveer’s father had left on a long trip and only the children could speak a little English. At first it was a little annoying that I couldn’t understand most of the conversation, but Ranaveer did his best to translate and I was soon able to catch small snippets. They were a very kind and happy family with not much but they didn’t need a whole bunch of stuff to be happy. I was invited to stay the night and quickly forgot about my troubles.

They gave me a small room which I gladly took and quickly realized I was very tired. Yawning I stretched and slipped under the blankets. The walls were thin and I could hear everything happening in the room next to me. “Soopie Rani.” The twins chorused as their older brother tucked them in. He sung them a sweet song then kissing their foreheads left to the next room. “Soopie.” He whispered and Haven whispered “Soopie.” Back.

I guessed, “Soopie” must mean goodnight and I made a mental note to remember it. I turned over and closed my eyes.

There you guys happy? lol I had fun writing it and if your curious about what everyone's saying I'm working on the language and may be able to put it up.

Love it! I'm so glad you started writing this again. 

Claytharien: Sounds like something...

Me: Shhhh, you're not even supposed to be here. Shoo!

Thanks! Here I've got a pic of Haven. I'll put it up. 


Isn't he?! Its weird how no one else can see he's got blonde hair...

loving the story! I can't wait for more!


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Did you quit this story? *closes eyes tight and hopes the answer is no


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