So I'm testing out a new kind of writing for me and find it quite fun!

Hope you enjoy it!


Kern. (The green in his hair would be red)

Ranaveer (He'd look older)

Haven (with blue eyes)

Teaser (one of those back things)

This is my story that is almost true. 

When I get sucked up into one of my books I learn a writer hold a lot more power then I thought. It seems everyone wants me to tweak the book just a little bit in their favour and I quickly learn that if I want allies I'm going to have a tough time finding them.

Hope you enjoy it! I can't promise that I know what I'm doing though XP

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Um... Kinda... It's on pause but I might put up another chapter soon
Ok. Well now I know the story behind the name Mina. :)

Heres another chapter... I wrote it a long time ago so its not amazing. :P

Chapter 3

Now if you thought I went straight to sleep and slept well, then you are wrong. Instead I tossed and turned all night long. I couldn’t stop thinking about this story. I was trapped here until it was over and I didn’t even know the plot yet. If I did drift off into sleep I would only see flashes of flame in my dreams and after a bit I could take no more and I set out the window.

No it didn’t have any glass for those of you who didn’t figure that out.

I walked around the village. It was all quiet other than the sounds of frogs and crickets. Little fire flies spun around me. The moon was just setting behind a mountain and gave the entire mountain range a glow.

I sighed. It was so relaxing and magical. Then I heard the softest music. It sounded kind of like a flute, but softer and with almost a faint sound of a piano mixed into its slow romantic tune. I began to follow it curiously. Slowly I made my way back toward the forest and without really thinking about it I followed the music deep into the forest. Before long I came to a large clearing with a massive twisted old oak in the center. In the branch was a boy though I couldn’t see what he looked like from the shadows. In his hands was a flute like instrument with far more keys and only a few of them were holes. He glanced in my direction and I could see his eyes which reflected the moon. “Mina?” He asked softly and I recognized him.

“Kern!” I gasped turning to run.

“Please don’t leave!” He said desperately and I slowly turned back. His golden metallic eyes bore into my soul and he looked distressed. “Ranaveer was right.” He said. “I did want to use you… but please let me explain.”

I crossed my arms. “I’m listening.”

Kern repositioned himself in the tree and motioned me to come over. Slowly I got closer and he slipped off the branch landing gracefully on the ground. He opened a secret compartment in the tree and brought out two silver cups already filled with a purple liquid.

“Thirsty?” He asked. “I promise you it’s not poison, I don’t want to kill you trust me.”

I did feel thirsty so I walked over and took the cup taking a small sip. It was quiet refreshing with a soft sweet, sour, warm and unique taste of its own. He sat on a large root and I felt compelled to do the same.

“Let me begin.” Kern started. “The king who rules this land is very seldom seen and he hardly helps the poor people here. I secretly do this for the people, helping them with little things like money issues or food, but a new threat has aroused in the east forest and it likes to plague the poor people of this land. I do my best to help, but there isn’t much I can do without power over the people. The last couple of years I’ve been searching for the king with no avail and when I saw you I instantly could tell you were a writer. I hoped you could write me finding the king. That’s all I wanted. That way I can see if I can help him or, with his permission of course, take over for him and fight the arising evil.” He finished.

I sat, stunned at his story. “So this is what you’ve been doing?”

Kern nodded.

I looked at him suspiciously. “And what makes you think I can write and change this story?”

Kern stirred his drink and looked up at me with his golden eyes. “Because I have a copy of the book.”

I nearly fell over backwards. “T-this book?”

Kern nodded again.

“I could go home…” I whispered. Then I got suspicious again. “Why didn’t you write in it?”

Kern laughed. “Two reasons. The first is I can’t write, few people can and I’ve only met one, you. The second reason is because it’s you who’s writing the pages so it’s in your printing.”

I looked excited and got up. “When can we go?”

“Right now.” Kern told me finishing off him drink. He put away the cup and held his hand to me. I reached out to take it.

He smiled and I could feel myself melting. He really was a handsome boy.

Suddenly a rock went flying in-between me and Kern. “Don’t touch her!” Ranaveer hissed.

Kern looked amused. “It’s alright. She understands now.”

I smiled at Ranaveer. “He told me his story Ranaveer, it’s all good.”

“No it’s not all good.” Ranaveer said. “He wants to take over the king.”

I shook my head. “You don’t understand. He wants to help the king get rid of the evil in the east.”

Ranaveer looked desperate. “He is the evil from the east.”

I paused never having thought about it that way before. Slowly I pulled my hand back.

Kern still held out his. “You want to go home don’t you? I can take you there.”

I looked at him hard. “I don’t know if I can trust you though.”

Kern laughed. “And you know if you can trust Ranaveer?”

I thought about it a moment. “Yes… I met Ranaveer’s family… they are so warm and joyful.” I took a step back. “I know I can trust innocence like that.” I went over to Ranaveer.

Kern looked mad. “Fine, suit yourself. You’ll never get home as long as I drag this story out. Oh, and sorry about your poor family Ranaveer” He said with a smirk and disappeared in a wisp of black smoke.

Me and Ranaveer looked at each other. “What did he mean?” I asked in horror. There was smoke in the air. Ranaveer wasted no time picking me up and rushing to the village. He stopped on the edge of the forest and dropped me in shock. We stared in horror; the entire village was either razed to the ground or on fire.


*sniffles* i forgot how sad that part was.

Me: Darn, for a second there I thought Kern might have been good. He's still cool though. :P

*snickers* Yeah, I hoped it would seem that way. He's... very persuasive. 

"He IS the evil from the east!"

That part was cool


I actually have another chapter and I might send it later. :)


uuurrrggg I've been struggling with this chapter for a long time... I may change it but I can't decide... Anywho! Enjoy!

Chapter 4

Ranaveer collapsed to his knees tears streaming down his cheeks. Climbing the mountain and disappearing into the crags were the ones who did this. They wore all black and carried awful weapons and fire but that’s all I could see from that distance. Ranaveer finally forced himself to his feet and stumbled down into the deathly quiet village. He started to search around until he came to where his house once was. All that was left was ash and the foundation.  He knelt beside it and put his head in his hands. I stayed on the hill and sat on the ground in shock.

“Did that really just happen?” I asked myself, trying to wrap my mind around it.

I couldn’t bear to watch any longer so I got up and walked into the forest. I stumbled along aimlessly, feeling sick to my stomach. I came to a shallow stream which I knelt beside. Suddenly it hit me. “I wrote that. I wrote Ranaveer’s suffering. It’s all my fault.” I stared at the water at my reflection, angry. I slammed my fists into the water feeling tears rush down my face. “Why?” I screamed. I lifted my hands and noticed I was bleeding. I reached into the water and pulled out a sharp rock and just stared at it.

“M-maybe if I’m dead this story will stop… maybe I’ll go back home.” I thought, the sharp rock looking awfully friendly. I took a deep breath and positioned it to stab my heart. Closing my eyes I thrust it downward. Before it could touch me it was flung out of my grasp and I saw Ranaveer standing a little ways off holding his bow.

“I killed them.” I sobbed and Ranaveer looked away. I looked in the water for my rock, but Ranaveer came over rubbing my back.

“It’s alright.” He told me.

I brushed his hand away, feeling myself on the edge of insanity. “Leave me alone!” I wailed hysterically.

Ranaveer tried to grab my arm, but I stumbled into the water madly searching for my rock. “Stop!” Ranaveer told me, but I wasn’t listening and everything was going blurry.

I brushed my hand against something sharp and pulled up my rock. Ranaveer grabbed my hand and tried to take it from me. We struggled in the water both of us soaked. “Why won’t you listen?” I wailed. “I killed them! I did! I’m a murderer.”

Now you might think. “Wow? You write suicide books? Greeeeat. XP” Now let me clear this up. I don’t promote this. I was totally out of my mind and everything seemed like it would be easier if I was dead. *cough* let me finish.

Ranaveer pushed me down and pinned me. “I know!” he yelled partially bringing me back to my senses. “B-but you’re the writer… everything in a book has a meaning, nothing is written without one.”

I relaxed and he took the rock from my grasp throwing it away and slowly let me up. I began to cry and he cradled me in his arms. “I am so sorry.” I whimpered.

He softly shushed me petting my wet hair. He allowed me to cry and by the way he was shaking I could tell he was crying as well. After a while he pulled me back so he could look me in the eyes. “I want to make a promise, a promise that whatever happens I promise to protect you and watch over you.” He said.

I stared at him in shock. “W-why?” I asked.

Ranaveer looked serious. “I don’t know how this story is going to go, but I feel that it is my duty, my purpose to watch over you. Kern is after you and I want to help.” He told me.

“T-the risks are so high though.” I told him, thinking of what happened to his family.

“I know.” He told me. “But I’m ready.”

My chin quivered. “But… I don’t understand."

Ranaveer put a finger to my lips. “And that’s alright.” He told me.

“What should I do?” I asked.

Ranaveer looked thoughtful. “What if we were to find the king?” Ranaveer said. “He may be able to help the kingdom get back onto its feet again.”

I nodded, liking the idea. “Where would we find him?”


Now reader I didn’t know about this part until later, but I’ve decided to give you a small peek into Kern’s world. Imagine black grossest trees that are very very old and very very spiny. There were no leaves or fruit or grass to surround them, but thousands of these trees that went on for miles. Deep into the tangled branches we would find a small rock tower and inside sat Kern. Kern slammed his fists against the table in anger. “So close!” he snarled. “I was so close!!”

There was someone in the shadows who shifted his weight. “What happened?” he asked, his voice dark and cold.

Kern looked at the fire watching it dance in the fireplace. “Somehow she eluded my eyes.”

The figure sounded surprised. “Your eyes? How? No one can elude them.”

Kern walked over to the fire place, the glow brightening the slight red in his hair and making his gold eyes look black. “I don’t know… one moment she’s hanging on my every word listening like a dog to its master and then as soon as her little friend entered the scene he talked her out of it.”

The figure shifted his weight again. “Perhaps the boy is the one snapping her out of your hold.”

Kern looked at the figure surprised as if the idea had never crossed his mind. “Perhaps…” he said slowly. “It looks like we’ll need to get rid of him…”

“Send an assassin then.” The figure instructed. “You’re a smart boy you should figure this out on your own.” With that the figure disappeared deeper into the shadows leaving Kern on his own.

Kern looked back into the fire silently. “It looks like he must die…” he decided.

Sage: That sounds familiar...

Me: :)


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