Here it is! The third book in my series! I've also have the first two books up on here as well and an RPG.

There may be Romance and Gore, just to warn you.

Please feel free to give comments. Don't copy this either please. This is my hard work, I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you and enjoy! -^-^-

The Peacekeeper

By Mina

May 28 2012



Simon sighed, lying in bed. He quickly sat up realizing what time it was. Pia was probably waiting for him. He got up and left the little cabin slowly walking up the hill and to the top of the mountain. There she sat waiting for the sun to come up. “You woke up early today.” Simon said sitting beside her.

Pia looked over to him with her cloudy pink eyes and smiled. “I needed to think a bit.”

Simon took off his jacket and slipped it around Pia’s shoulders. Gently lifting her long, purple, white hair out of the jacket and down her back. She leaned against Simon and waited for the sun to come up playing with his black and red hair. “You’ll describe it for me?” she asked softly.

Simon chuckled. “Like I do every day”

It started to rise and he sat up a bit. “The sky is red with touches of purple just starting at the edges.” He began explaining it to her in great detail and she listened quietly. Pia was blind, but Simon didn’t really mind explaining things to her.

Soon the sun was high enough in the sky that there wasn’t as much to describe and they got up to go and have breakfast. As they went down the hill Simon suddenly stopped Pia.

Someone was snooping around their cabin. The figure wore a dark, long cloak and knocked on the door.

Simon looked to Pia. “Stay here.”

He walked over to the cloaked figure. “Who are you?” he demanded.

The figure looked startled and leapt at Simon pulling a blade from its belt. Simon hardly had enough time to pull out his own smaller one, he kept on his side. They clashed for a couple moments before the figure kicked Simon down and pointed the blade at his neck.

“Stop!” Pia cried coming from out of hiding. She couldn’t see what was happening but the clashing worried her.

The figure backed off Simon and removed the hood. It was a young girl who looked to be in her mid-teens. She had very long stark white hair and blood red eyes. “Who are you?” she hissed.

Simon got to his feet and Pia ran over to him. “I could ask you the same thing.”

The girl looked annoyed. “I’m looking for an old man named Yogith”

Pia took a step forward. “Yogith is dead. We are his apprentices.”

The girl looked surprised. “Well then, I apologize for my quickness to attack. These are dark days.”

Simon nodded. “What do you want?”

The girl smiled slightly. “I need your ability’s to help bring peace to this war ridden world.” She started to leave. “Hurry and pack, we must be on our way.”

Simon looked surprised. “Who are you?”

The girl paused and looked back her red eyes flashing. “Adamina”

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The Creature

The Dragon:

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The great lord Raxita: 


The Great King: (kinda like this. hes pretty hard to describe)




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I cant wait to read this!

So are you all surprised at who the three are?

I haven't written much of this book yet... I'm still working on how it will go...

Chapter 1: The Three

I seethed taking a deep breath through my clenched teeth as Madeline tightly wrapped my wounds. “Stabbed twice.” She mumbled. “Kids shouldn’t have to go through any of that.” Finished she helped me sit up so I could face Adamina and her friends properly.

“So you’re an Itaki to?” I asked her again.

Adamina nodded. “As you remember I transferred my mind and hid it in a corner of your mind until Dago freed me. I was out for several weeks until I awoke. Dago took care of me for a while but died unexpectedly.”

Peter bit his lip and stared at his feet when she said this.

Adamina continued. “I suddenly realized my extra power when I came out of the forest and healed someone.”

“Healed?” I asked curiously.

Adamina nodded. “I can reverse the mind crush. Anything destroyed I can bring back.”

Peter and I stared at her in shock. “Really?”

She nodded casually. “Anyway, I studied about Galena awhile and quickly learned about the current predicament.” She paused to take a breath. “I’m here to change the minds of the mind crushers and help the chosen one bring peace to the land. I’ve gathered these two who have learned ways to use mind control for good.” She pointed to the two mind controllers behind her.

One had white hair like Adamina but hers seemed to be a slight shade of purple. The other was a man; he had black hair with strips of red. Both had blood red eyes, the trait of a mind crusher.

The girl spoke up. “I am Pia, Adamina helped me give my sight back which was crushed by one of our own kind.” She looked down sadly.

I couldn’t believe it. “Are mind crushers really that cruel!?” I thought.

The boy spoke next. “I am Simon.” He wouldn’t look any of us in the eye as if he were ashamed.  “Pia taught me the light in this world and I’ve always followed her.”

I introduced myself and Peter did as well, but he was studying Simon. “Have I… seen you before?” Peter asked.

Simon sighed and looked up. “Yes… I was one of Felixivent’s True Felixi.”

I shivered at my father’s name. I didn’t know what a True Felixi was, but if it had to do with my father I wanted to hear nothing of it.

Peter said nothing for a couple moments before he got to his feet. “I’m going to help put up tents.” He said simply before leaving.

I watched him go before looking back to Adamina. “Um… Well since all the Itaki are found now we only need to find the chosen one.” I told her.

Adamina nodded. “I wonder if that will happen sooner or later.”

I sighed, just the thought of having to aid the chosen one sounded like a lot of work. “Don’t know.” I started going through people in my mind trying to decide who it could be.

Adamina got to her feet. “We best put up our own tent. I doubt anyone will share with us because of us being mind crushers.”

I sighed sadly at the reality. “Maybe you could join me or my friends?”

Adamina shook her head slightly. “We’ll be fine.”

She went and I was left on my own. I slowly touched my wounds and winced in pain wondering if I’d be able to get up any time soon. Just then in a swirling gust of wind and sand I saw a figure walking to me.

It was the same guy I had seen way back in my first battle. I looked at him rather fearfully. “What do you want?” I asked him.

He reached a glowing hand out to my chest. For the first time I realized he was see through and his hand went right through me. I gasped in what sort of felt like pain. When he removed his hand I realized my wounds no longer hurt. He smiled softly back at me. “Can’t have one of the Itaki in bad shape during the most important part of his life.” With that he disappeared.

I stared in the direction I last saw him with my jaw dropped.

Peter was coming back for me. “Let’s get you out of the sun…. what wrong?” he asked noticing my face.

I looked over to him then slowly to my chest where I gently ripped away the bandages. Just as I had thought my wounds no longer existed.

Peter looked equally surprised as me. “What happened?” he asked me.

“Tim.” I said smiling slightly and getting to my feet without difficulty.

Peter still looked surprised but he walked me over to the tent ordering me to take it easy anyway. All of my friends were waiting inside and were overjoyed to see that I was fine.  I told them everything that had happened to me and when I finished Rea looked grouchy. “Having all that fun without us.” She muttered and everyone laughed.

Just then Sky and Aaron entered the tent. “Hey Sacha” Sky said. He froze when he saw Peter.

Peter leapt to his feet and embraced his friends. “Sky! Aaron! You’re still alive!”

Sky rolled his eyes. “Course we are. No amount of torture could kill us.” He winked.

Peter looked horrified. “You were tortured?”

Aaron nodded. “Sky got the brunt of it because they thought he had important information, something about the chosen one.”

Sky shrugged. “Ah’ll be fine.” He insisted.

Peter smiled. “I’m just so glad to see you again.”

I chuckled. “Guess I forgot to tell you about them.” I said.

Peter walked over and gently wacked me over the head. “Next time you should.”

I smirked and shrugged. “We were in the middle of war, not much I could do.” I said.

We all chatted and hung out for a while until the sun fell and everyone began leaving and going to their own tents. I shared my tent with Peter, Sky, Aaron and their dragon. Everyone was slowly falling asleep, but I lay wide awake. Something didn’t feel right. I shivered slightly from a strange chill. After a bit of tossing and turning I could take it no more and I got up and went outside.


Love this series!

Yup. I smile when I read the last sentence of the prologue. And what happened to make Pia blind? Just wondering.

It happened in the RPG. Raxita and Pia used to be good friends, but as he went through his sudden change of evil he did that to her to ensure she'd never surpass him.

oh... it probably happened when I was gone for a while

lovin it!!!

Mina, I know how to re size the images for your characters.

Me to. *laughs* I just didn't feel like doing it. :P

AGH! Tim again!


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